Press Release: Harmonic Lounge Debuts

Unique Contemporary Instrumental/Vocal Based Programming Fills The Void Abandoned By Terrestrial Radio

Westerville, Ohio (June 19th, 2011) Bill Harman and his Short Attention Span Theatre LLC proudly announce the grand reopening of the Harmonic Lounge®. This former weekend program is now doing business 24/7 on the internet. Along with a new look, superb sound system and expanded menu, the Harmonic Lounge® is now serving up the next generation of cool at

When central Ohio listeners lost their contemporary jazz radio station last year, Harman saw the opportunity to build something better. Even though others have tried, no one has even come close to building an establishment that both the local and worldwide community could enjoy and support. The Harmonic Lounge® will fill that void!

Harman has been an audio architect of this sound since the early 80’s. As one of its pioneers, he has programmed successful and profitable stations and specialty shows throughout the nation including WJZA/WJZK and WBBY right here in Columbus. Harman says that “the Harmonic Lounge® will weave a tapestry of commercially eclectic music that’s effectively simple but not found anywhere else. Listeners said they don’t want the same old thing and what worked in the past is not going to work in the future. They’re looking for something that’s different enough to stand out but comfortable enough to fit in. It needs to be engaging, it needs to support their lifestyle and it better respect their intelligence.”

So whether you’re a transcendental tourist, an urban bodhisattva or simply want your groove back, the Harmonic Lounge® is your place to hang out. If you have any questions or would like our very affordable rate package call 614-975-7431 or e-mail Experience the evolution of cool by reserving your table right now at the Harmonic Lounge®!

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