100.9 Albuquerque

Beat Launching In Albuquerque

iHeartMedia will launch Urban “100.9 The Beat” K265CA/94.1 KZRR-HD2 on Monday, January 12. The website positions the station as “Albuquerque’s Real Hip-Hop And R&B”. The new format will target Univision’s “97.3 Kiss” KKSS and American General Media’s “Power 106.7” KAGM. K265CA has been simulcasting Rhythmic Oldies “Hot 95.1” KLQT since the beginning of November, when the format moved from K265CA to the 100kW signal.

Old School Gets A 100kW Promotion In Albuquerque

iHeartMedia has flipped CHR “Channel 95.1” KLQT Corrales/Albuquerque to Rhythmic Oldies “Hot 95.1“. The Rhythmic Oldies had been heard in the market on sister “Hot 100.9” K265CA/94.1 KZRR-HD2 since the beginning of this year. Despite operating with 250 watts compared to KLQT’s 100 kilowatts both stations were tied in the Summer 2014 Nielsen Audio ratings with a 1.5 share of the Albuquerque market. The new format will temporarily simulcast on both signals for a few weeks until debuting a new format on 100.9. KLQT led into the format change by looping N’Sync’s “Bye Bye Bye” for much of Sunday.

A Hot Launch In Albuquerque

Santa’s perch in Albuquerque has been abandoned in favor of Old School. After launching in late August as the first All-Christmas station this season, Clear Channel’s 100.9 K265CA Albuquerque has shifted today from “Santa 100.9” to Rhythmic Oldies “Hot 100.9“. Launching with “10,000 Old School Jams in a row”, the station’s Facebook page features core artists such as Al B. Sure, Candyman, Dazz Band, Sweet Sensation, and S.O.S. Band.

Santa Begins Operations In Albuquerque

There’s still 111 days until Christmas, but we may have our first entry in the All-Christmas music microformat for 2013. Clear Channel’s 100.9 K265CA Albuquerque is now “Santa 100.9” via 104.1 KTEG-HD2 Santa Fe. The translator recently completed its upgrade to 250 watts from Sandia Peak giving it a signal comparable to a Class A FM. INSTANT INSIGHT: Normally we’d expect a Christmas microformat this early in the season to likely be a short-term deal, however when you add translators to what is already a market with more signals than normal we can easily see Clear Channel going for the publicity it will get by starting Christmas music before the Fall book even begins.

FCC Report 3/1: Jacksonville Upgrade Could Lead To Savannah Shuffle

Renda Broadcasting’s “Classic Rock 94.1” WSOS-FM Fruit Cove/Jacksonville, FL has filed an application to upgrade its signal from a Class C3 to C2. The station’s facilities would improve from 5.5kW at 154 meters to 38kW at 147.2 meters greatly improving the station’s city grade signal in Jacksonville itself. In the application, Renda is requesting that the FCC force changes at a pair of Savannah, GA stations. Clear Channel’s “94.1 The Beat” WQBT would be shifted to 95.5, while Cumulus’ “I95” 95.5 WIXV would move to 94.1. Both stations would maintain their current facilities. Should the FCC approve the move, Renda would be responsible for any costs the Savannah stations accrue. INSTANT INSIGHT: It’s doubtful that either ...[Read More]

Translator Report 3/5

Applications The saga of 106.3 W292DV to get on the air in New York has taken another turn. After applying in October to 104.7, the translator has amended its application to stay on 106.3 albeit from a new location in Long Island City, Queens with lower power. If accepted it will operate with 40 watts with city grade coverage over the bulk of Manhattan. Instead of rebroadcasting Clear Channel’s 106.7 WLTW-HD2, the application changes the originating station to 93.5 WVOX New Rochelle, NY. EMF Broadcasting has applied to move 91.9 W220DM Parma, OH to 92.7 due to displacement from WKJA Brunswick, OH. As part of the move, it will upgrade from 10 to 250 watts and move its transmitter to downtown Cleveland. The originating station will be an HD subchannel of Clear Channel’s 98.1 WKDD...[Read More]

Translator Report 1/17: WFLA To Get FM Signal

Another Clear Channel AM News/Talk is making the move to FM via translator. Radio Training Network’s 95.3 W237DI West Tampa, FL has applied to move to 105.9 with a power boost from 115 to 250 watts at 456 feet. The application also shifts the originating programming station to Clear Channel’s 970 WFLA. The EMF/Clear Channel duo are working on an additional move-in in Cincinnati. 96.9 W245AJ Forest Park, OH has applied to move to downtown Cincinnati where it will rebroadcast Clear Channel’s WKFS-HD2. We’ve noticed a trend where translators to be programmed by EMF have their applications prepared by EMF’s engineers and translators prepared by Clear Channel end up being programmed by Clear Channel despite who owns the translator. This application was prepared by ...[Read More]