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Univision To Launch Univision Deportes Radio

Univision will debut a new Spanish Sports network to compete against ESPN Deportes Radio. Univision Deportes Radio will debut in early 2017 on stations in ten markets: 1280 WADO New York, 1020 KTNQ Los Angeles, 1200 WRTO Chicago, 1270 KFLC Dallas, 1010 KLAT Houston, 1140 WQBA Miami, 105.1 KHOV Phoenix, 870 KLSQ Las Vegas, 1350 KCOR San Antonio, and 1530 KGBT McAllen. WADO and KTNQ will be dropping their current local Spanish News/Talk/Sports format. WRTO, WQBA, and KLSQ air the remnants of the Univision America brand. KFLC, KLAT, KCOR, and KGBT are currently Spanish Christian “Amor Celestial“, while KHOV simulcasts Spanish CHR “Latino Mix 100.3” KQMR Globe AZ. No programming has been announced for the new network, but Juan Carlos Rodriguez, President of Univision De...[Read More]

Univision To Launch National Talk Network

Univision will launch a Nationally oriented Spanish News/Talk network on nine of its AM stations on July 4. “Univision America” will feature local, national and international news, weather and traffic updates, as well as shows focused on the issues that matter most to Hispanics. The stations planned to be part of this network are all currently Spanish News/Talk: 1200 WRTO Chicago, 1270 KFLC Dallas, 750 KAMA El Paso, 1010 KLAT Houston, 870 KISQ Las Vegas, 1020 KTNQ Los Angeles, 1530 KGBT McAllen, 1140 WQBA Miami, and 1350 KCOR San Antonio. The only markets where Univision owns an AM that will not be involved are New York and San Juan. The Miami Herald reports that some of WQBA’s programming with be merged into sister “Radio Mambi” 710 WAQI which will retain its...[Read More]