105.3 Reno

Lazer Broadcasting Acquires Three In Reno

Lazer has filed its acquisition of Active Rock “Z105.3” KZTI Fallon Station, CHR “106.3 Pop-FM” KWNZ Lovelock, and Conservative Talk “107.3 K-News” KNEZ Hazen NV with the FCC. Lazer will pay $425,000 for the three stations and will begin operating the three stations via LMA today. Update 8/3: Bighorn Media has completed the flip of 104.1 KRZQ Fallon/Reno NV to Soft Oldies “Easy 104.1” KUEZ. Shamrock has parked the KRZQ call letters on the former 105.9 KZNV Amargosa Valley NV, which holds a CP to move to 106.1 where it will rimshot into Las Vegas. Shamrock has also announced the sale of the remainder of its Reno cluster to Lazer Broadcasting (and not Entravision as we incorrectly noted below). Active Rock “Z105.3” KZTI Fallon Stati...[Read More]

KZTI Reno Renames Itself “105.3 Rock Hard”

Shamrock Communications Classic Rock 105.3 KZTI Fallon Station/Reno, NV has been stripped of its “105.3 Z-Rock” moniker in favor of “105.3 Rock Hard“. The “Z-Rock” trademark is still owned by Cumulus Media from their acquisition of ABC Radio Networks and predecessor Satellite Music Network who operated the “Z-Rock” network from 1986 until 1996. Cumulus keeps the trademark alive on “Z-Rock 103” WXZZ Lexington, KY. Shamrock has registered 1053FMRockHard.com to be the eventual web presence for the station that flipped from Adult Standards on September 14.

KZTI Flips To Z-Rock

Update 9/14:At 1:05pm today, KZTI dropped its all-Beatles stunt and debuted its new identity as “105.3 Z-Rock“. The new format is trying to duplicate the feel of the syndicated Hard Rock network of the late 80’s/early 90’s with Rock “from AC/DC to ZZ Top.” and launching on the 25th anniversary month of the network’s original debut in Reno. The first three songs were AC/DC “For Those About To Rock”, AC/DC “Let There Be Rock”, and Motley Crue “Kickstart My Heart”. 25 Years following the original on air debut of Z Rock in Reno, Shamrock Communications has resurrected the station as of today. After stunting as all Beatles Ringo FM all weekend, Shamrock flips Adult Standards 105.3 KZTI Martini Radio to Z Rock. 105.3 Z...[Read More]

Shamrock Announces Third New Reno Station

Shamrock Broadcasting has revealed that its third Reno station will be Neo-Standards “105.3 Martini Radio” KZTI. In a letter to listeners the company introduces the station as: Shamrock Communications is ready to announce another station of the eventual four new FM stations coming to the market. The station: 105.3 Martini Radio! Martini will be a new station, unlike any the market has ever had before. The format will be a “Standards” format, but with a a modern twist. 105.3 Martini Radio is your ultimate lounge act. Take one part Sinatra, one part Dean Martin, one part Tony Bennett, add a splash of Michael Bublé, Adele, Norah Jones, mix them together to create the smoothest most refreshing Martini you’ve ever had. Music that’s shaken, not stirred. From Rat Pack to Brat Pa...[Read More]

Shamrock To Launch Four Stations In Reno

Update 10/22: “107.3 K-News” KNEZ will debut on Tuesday with the following lineup: 6-9am Glenn Beck, 9am-12pm Mike Huckabee, 12pm-3pm Michael Smerconish, 3pm-6pm Sean Patrick, 6pm-9pm Rusty Humphries. Patrick, the only local host in the lineup, will serve as News Director for the station. KNEZ will join Cumulus’ News/Talk 780 KKOH and Americom’s pair of Hot Talk “1270/96.1 The Buzz” KBZZ and Liberal Talk 1230 KJFK in the spoken word battle in Reno. Update 10/21: The first of Shamrock’s stations has signed on as 107.3 KNEZ is stunting with all Michael Jackson. It appears now that the station will debut its permanent format as News/Talk “KNews“. A Twitter account with a logo for the station has gone live. Two of the other stations in the ...[Read More]