107.5 Indianapolis

WFNI Programming Adds New Translator

Emmis Sports “1070 The Fan” WFNI/93.5 W228CX Indianapolis will add a second FM simulcast on 107.5 W298BB Indianapolis on March 30. The addition of WFNI programming on 107.5 will replace the ESPN national lineup and is caused by a power reduction of 93.5 W228CX to 2w/296m due to interference the translator was causing to Woof Boom Radio’s Classic Rock “Max 93.5” WMXQ Hartford City/Muncie. In the January 2016 Nielsen Audio ratings, WFNI/W228CX registered a 2.8 share of the audience, while W298BB fed via 93.1 WIBC-HD2 added an additional 0.4 share. WFNI carries ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike in mornings and NBC Sports Radio programming in nights and weekends. When the 107.5 ESPN lineup is eliminated, ESPN programming will replace NBC in those dayparts. Emmis...[Read More]

Emmis Launching Second Indianapolis Sports FM

Emmis Sports “1070 The Fan” WFNI Indianapolis is signing-on a second translator to bring all of its programming to the FM band. While 107.5 W298BB/93.1 WIBC-HD2 Indianapolis is currently a partial mix of WFNI programming and national ESPN radio content, that will change as Emmis prepares to sign-on 93.5 W228CX this weekend. 93.5 W228CX will be a straight simulcast of WFNI as even a 50kW AM is no longer believed to be strong enough without a translator, with the station to rebranded as “93.5 The Fan“. W298BB/WIBC-HD2 will become “ESPN 107.5” airing the national ESPN Radio lineup with the exception of Mike & Mike in mornings which will remain on 1070/93.5. 107.5 will substitute NBC Sports Radio’s Erik Kuselias in that slot. Emmis Market Manager ...[Read More]

Station Sales Week Of 8/7

Emmis Communications has expanded its Indianapolis cluster with the purchase of 93.5 W228CX Frankfort, IN from Kaspar Broadcasting for $512,000. W228CX holds a CP with a Mattoon Waiver to relocate into Indianapolis where it will rebroadcast Emmis’ Sports “1070 The Fan” WFNI Indianapolis. As we detailed last week in our subscriber exclusive Daily Domains, 107.5 W298BB Indianapolis will drop its partial simulcast of WFNI to go ESPN Radio 24/7 once W228CX signs-on. Station Sales An AM CP just outside Las Vegas is transferred from one company owned by Shubh Khanna to another for $1. Automated Business Services Incorporated transfers 1020 in Blue Diamond, NV to Management Accounting Services. The 1020 CP will operate with 5kW day and 250 watts night when built. Its CP is set t...[Read More]

Emmis Debuts 107.5 The Fan Indianapolis

Emmis has signed on 107.5 W298BB Indianapolis as Sports “107.5 The Fan“. The translator, which was acquired in November for $375,000 is rebroadcasting much, but not all of the programming of sister “1070 The Fan” WFNI. Where 1070 airs local programming in middays from 10am to 3pm, 107.5 will air the national ESPN Radio programming of Colin Cowherd from 10am to 1pm and Scott Van Pelt & Ryen Rusillo from 1-3pm. W298BB is fed via 93.1 WIBC-HD3 and now operates with 233 watts. Emmis’ Press Release follows: Indianapolis’ first FM sports station, 107.5 The Fan, has launched. “The launch of FM 107.5 The Fan demonstrates Emmis’ deep commitment to making “The Fan” Indy’s dominant sports brand,” Charlie Morgan, SVP/Market M...[Read More]

Emmis To Add Translator In Indianapolis

Update 11/19: Emmis has acquired W298BB from Kaspar Broadcasting for $375,000. Update 11/15: The first step of the move of W298BB has been filed with the FCC. Kaspar Broadcasting has applied to move the translator to the tower of 88.7 WICR where it will operate with 233 watts where it will rebroadcast WFNI via 93.1 WIBC-HD3. The 54 dBu contour will cover all of Indianapolis, with the signal strongest in the northwestern portions of the city. Original Report 11/13: In a filing to the Securities & Exchange Commission last week, Emmis Communications modified its credit agreement to acquire $437,000 worth of translators. While no FCC applications have been made yet identifying the translators, we can infer one via a domain registration made by the company. FM1075TheFan.com was registered ...[Read More]