1640 Milwaukee

Starboard Media Foundation Acquires WKSH

Starboard Media Foundation, operators of the Catholic “Relevant Radio” network has agreed to purchase 1640 WKSH Milwaukee from Disney for $725,000. WKSH was one of the former Radio Disney affiliates put up for sale by Disney last summer. An application to sell 1290 WDZY Richmond to Wilkins Radio last November has mentioned that a Wilkins subsidiary would be acquiring WKSH as well, but that purchase was never filed with the FCC. Starboard owns 100.1 WPJP Port Washington, WI which carries the Relevant Radio programming in the area north of Milwaukee, but WKSH will add coverage of the network to the city itself.

Radio Disney Sells Three

Update 12/8: When Salem returns 99.5 KDIS-FM Little Rock to the air, it will do so as Christian Preaching “Faith Talk 99.5” KSLR-FM. FaithTalk995.com, FaithTalkLittleRock.com, and KSLRFM.com were all registered by Salem on Friday. While awaiting FCC approval for the purchase of the station, Salem has also applied to boost the station’s facilities. KDIS-FM has applied to upgrade its Class A signal from 3kW at 95 meters to 6kW, while retaining the same tower height and location. Update 10/30: Disney has announced buyers for three of the now dark stations. 99.5 KDIS-FM Little Rock and 1160 KRDY San Antonio have been sold to Salem Communications for $2 Million. KDIS-FM will be Salem’s first station in Little Rock, while KRDY will join Christian Preaching 630 KSLR and Co...[Read More]

Wilkins Acquires Two From Disney

Affiliates of Wilkins Radio are acquiring two of the recently announced Radio Disney spinoffs. 1290 WDZY Colonial Heights/Richmond, VA is being sold to Richmond Christian Radio Corporation for $250,000. The new group is owned by Jack and Robert Wilkins, the latter of whom is Owner and CEO of Wilkins Radio. Jack Wilkins is the company’s Director of Station Acquisitions. Within the FCC filing for the WDZY purchase, Wilkins notes that another wholly owned subsidiary or Wilkins Parent Corporation will be applying for the acquisition of 1640 WKSH Sussex/Milwaukee, WI. That deal has yet to be appear in the FCC database. Wilkins currently operates twenty stations in markets such as Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Mobile, and Pensacola. All of the stations program either a Christian Preaching/Talk ...[Read More]