730 Washington DC

WTNT Washington Flips To Spanish AC

Update 12/2: As expected 730 WTNT and its pair of translators flipped to Spanish AC “La Capital“. Update 9/30: DCRTV.com reports that the flip to Spanish AC will not take place until December 1 as the station has contractual obligations with its existing Talk programming to fulfill. Original Report 9/29: Metro Radio LLC is pulling the plug on Conservative Talk on 730 WTNT Alexandria VA/Washington DC, 97.7 W249BE Alexandria and 102.9 W275BO Chantilly, VA. Metro has registered SomosLaCapital.com for the stations and has already updated its webstreams to use the new moniker. The new website describes the new format as “La Capital features a Spanish Hits Music format targeting Hispanics 24-50 years old, local talk shows, music shows, and many other issue shows that address th...[Read More]

WTNT Acquires DC Translator

Metro Radio has acquired 97.7 W249BE Alexandria, VA from Positive Alternative Radio for $130,000. Currently licensed with just 2 watts, the translator currently has a pending application with the FCC to relocate its transmitter to Bethesda, MD where it will cover Washington, DC on 97.5 with 250 watts. When approved Metro Radio will utilize the translator to rebroadcast Talk 730 WTNT Alexandria, VA. WTNT operates with 8kW daytime and 25 watts at night. Its already possesses 102.9 W275BO Chantilly, VA to serve portions of Fairfax County.

Translator Report 11/6

It’s not every day that you see a full powered station traded for a translator. Cumulus and EMF Broadcasting made such a deal this week with Cumulus sending Oldies 102.3 WFVL-FM Lumberton, NC to EMF for 100.7 K264AS Mooringsport, LA. The translator, which serves the Shreveport market has a construction permit to move to downtown Shreveport with 250 watts. Following the FCC decision to force “104.7 The Oasis” W284BQ Detroit off the air until it can find a new frequency, Radio Power Inc. has applied to move the translator to 93.5 where it will operate with 99 watts. Radio Power has also purchased 97.5 W248AQ Harrison, MI from Radio Assist Ministry for $32,000. That translator has applied to move to downtown Detroit with 250 watts on 107.1. Both 935TheOasis.com and 1071TheOa...[Read More]