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FCC Applications 3/20: NYC FM On The Move

A small Class D FM in New York City is seeking a new dial position. City College of New York’s 90.3 WHCR-FM New York is seeking to relocate to 91.9 in an attempt to find a signal with less interference. With its entire 60dBu coverage area within the 40dBu of WHPC Garden City, WHCR-FM has trouble being heard within a kilometer of the station’s antenna. If approved, which would also require the dismissal of two pending translator applications, WHCR would continue to operate with its current 8 watts at 81 meters. Cesar Guel has been under close scrutiny for a series of LPFM applications. While many of those have been dismissed or are in the process of being modified, Guel’s Hispanic Christian Community Network is purchasing nine translators in California and Nevada from East...[Read More]

WRVU Nashville Sold; To Go Classical

Vanderbilt Student Communications, a subsidiary of Vanderbilt University has sold 91.1 WRVU Nashville, TN to Nashville Public Radio for $3.35 Million. Nashville Public Radio, operators of 1430/90.3 WPLN will waste no time in taking over their new property as the station will flip to “Classical 91” WFCL tonight at midnight allowing WPLN-FM to shift to 24/7 NPR News/Talk. The call sign change to WFCL took place on June 1. Listen to the abrupt end of WRVU and the launch of WFCL at FormatChange.com. The former WRVU College Alternative format will remain online at WRVU.org and will move to WPLN-HD3 this fall. Since Vanderbilt Student Communications had made its intentions known of plans to look into selling the 91.1 frequency, an online campaign to save the station had generated som...[Read More]