94.5 Walla Walla

Hank Moves In Walla Walla

Alexandra Communications has flipped CHR “Zoo 102” KZIU Weston, OR/Walla Walla, WA to Classic Country “101.9 Hank-FM“. The Classic Country programming had been heard most recently on 94.5 K233CJ College Place after moving from 104.5 K283BU Walla Walla last year. As an aside, despite reports elsewhere that Alexandra flipped 104.5 KNHK Newport/Spokane, WA to AAA “104.5 The Oasis“, that station remains Classic Country “104.5 Hank-FM“. The Oasis format has been running on 104.5 K283BU Walla Walla/KZIU-HD4 since last fall.

Smooth Jazz Launches In Walla Walla

Alexandra Communications has launched “Smooth Jazz 94.5” K233CJ College Place, WA via KZIU-HD3 Weston, OR. Utilizing programming from Broadcast Architecture’s Smooth Jazz Network, the translator covers greater Walla Walla with 250 watts at 326.9 meters, a height that gives it coverage comparable to a full power Class A signal.