95.1 Abilene

Q Moves & Wolf Returning To Abilene

Doud Media Group has moved CHR “Channel 95Q” KORQ Abilene TX from 95.1 to 96.1. With “96Q” now in place on 96.1, out goes Talk “Fox News Abilene” KFNA. In a statement on Facebook explaining the format change, station GM Richard Doud bluntly states, News / Talk has and remains my favorite radio format. From the time I was a little kid first hearing Rush Limbaugh I was hooked. So when the opportunity presented itself two and a half years ago to make 96.1 the first FM News / Talk station in Abilene, we jumped at the opportunity. Unfortunately after two and half years in the format, it has now become obvious that from a ratings and revenue perspective, FOX NEWS ABILENE did not receive enough support to make it viable product. It was with great sadness that w...[Read More]