950 Houston

KPRC Houston Rebrands

Clear Channel Talk “The 9-5-0 Radio Mojo” KPRC Houston has completed its long, gradual shift from Hot Talk to Conservative Talk. With the shift complete, the station has dropped its Mojo moniker and rebranded simply with the station’s calls and the tagline “Houston’s More Stimulating Talk Radio”. The change comes with the addition of a new 5-7pm show hosted be former actress Janine Turner. The new lineup features Joe Pags from 5-10am, Glenn Beck 10am-12pm, Michael Garfield 12-2pm, Matt Patrick 2-5pm, Janine Turner 5-7pm, Outlaw Dave 7-9pm, America Now with Andy Dean 9pm-12am, Phil Hendrie 12-3am, and Mancow 3-5am.