96.3 Saskatoon

96.3 Cruzes In Saskatoon

Harvard Broadcasting has completed its revamp of 96.3 CFWD Saskatoon following its seven week stunt as “96.3 Santa-FM“. At noon today the station unveiled its new identity as Classic Hits “96.3 Cruz-FM” with a focus on music from the 70’s through early 2000’s. The station will debut its full on-air lineup on January 2. Listen to the launch of 96.3 Cruz-FM on FormatChange.com.

Wired No More In Saskatoon

Harvard Broadcasting has announced that CHR “Wired 96.3” CFWD Saskatoon will bid adieu tonight at midnight. Canadian Radio News reports that the entire airstaff was dismissed today prior to the flip. What comes next? 963SantaFM.com was registered anonymously in October and is now pointing to the Harvard Broadcasting servers. Registered at the same time were many of domains specifying a new brand as “Cruz 96.3“. The domains were 963Cruz.com, 963CruzFM.com, Cruz963.com, Cruz963FM.com, and CruzFM.com. Elsewhere the Cruz name is used for Classic Hits by Corus in Peterborough ON and for AAA in Santa Barbara and Green Bay by Cumulus in the US.