97.5 Washington DC

FCC Applications 7/25: Cracking Down On Temporary Facilities

The FCC appears to be cracking down on stations that build out facilities to beat CP deadlines and then swiftly go silent. CommLawBlog reports that all full-powered licenses granted since July 2 now include this clause: Grant of this license application is conditioned on continuous operations of the licensed facility for the twelve-month period following grant. Failure to do so will result in the rescission of this grant, dismissal of the license application and the forfeiture of the associated construction permit pursuant to 47 C.F.R. § 73.3598(c) unless licensee rebuts presumption that authorized facilities were temporarily constructed. The spirit of the move is to prevent licensees to build out a temporary facility and then go silent to extend the three years given to get a new signal o...[Read More]

Washington To Gain A Dance Pulse

Metro Radio’s 97.5 W249BE Alexandria, VA is prepping to launch its upgraded 250 watt signal from Bethesda, MD where it will cover all of Washington, DC. Metro has registered Pulse975.com and Pulse975DC.com for the translator and accompanying social media accounts. One of which brands the station as “DC’s Only EDM Radio Station”. https://twitter.com/Pulse975/status/525505911042088960 The “Pulse” brand is utilized by New York station turned webcaster “Pulse 87” and “Pulse 96.7” KYLI Bunkerville/Las Vegas. Those stations are both jointly operated by veteran programmer Joel Salkowitz. No confirmation that he is involved with the Washington launch. W249BE currently rebroadcasts Spanish AC “La Capital” 730 WTNT Alexandria al...[Read More]

WTNT Washington Flips To Spanish AC

Update 12/2: As expected 730 WTNT and its pair of translators flipped to Spanish AC “La Capital“. Update 9/30: DCRTV.com reports that the flip to Spanish AC will not take place until December 1 as the station has contractual obligations with its existing Talk programming to fulfill. Original Report 9/29: Metro Radio LLC is pulling the plug on Conservative Talk on 730 WTNT Alexandria VA/Washington DC, 97.7 W249BE Alexandria and 102.9 W275BO Chantilly, VA. Metro has registered SomosLaCapital.com for the stations and has already updated its webstreams to use the new moniker. The new website describes the new format as “La Capital features a Spanish Hits Music format targeting Hispanics 24-50 years old, local talk shows, music shows, and many other issue shows that address th...[Read More]

WTNT Acquires DC Translator

Metro Radio has acquired 97.7 W249BE Alexandria, VA from Positive Alternative Radio for $130,000. Currently licensed with just 2 watts, the translator currently has a pending application with the FCC to relocate its transmitter to Bethesda, MD where it will cover Washington, DC on 97.5 with 250 watts. When approved Metro Radio will utilize the translator to rebroadcast Talk 730 WTNT Alexandria, VA. WTNT operates with 8kW daytime and 25 watts at night. Its already possesses 102.9 W275BO Chantilly, VA to serve portions of Fairfax County.

FCC Report 4/5

As the FCC prepares to clear out the frozen 2003 Translator applications and open up the LPFM filing window later this year, many existing translators are hurrying to get their upgrades into the system. The past two weeks have been filled with dozens of upgrades applications. Starting in New York where 106.3 W292DV is trying once again to get relocated into the city. After discarding its hopes to operate in the city last year following interference claims the translator was unable to build out its CP on the Queens/Nassau county border. The translator has now applied for an STA to return to Long Island City, Queens with 4 watts to keep the license alive. EMF Broadcasting is seeking to move 100.7 K264AF Guasti, CA into parts of Los Angeles. The translator will operate with 235 watts from the...[Read More]