Todd Pettengill To Launch Daily Subscription Podcast Todd Pettengill 95.5 WPLJ New YorkFormer WPLJ New York morning host Todd Pettengill is launching a new daily subscription streaming podcast. will debut on September 5 and cost $9.55 per month. Pettengill states the show will run from 1-3 hours each day and include his “phone scams, song parodies, comedy bits and some classic stuff too!”.

In response to why he decided to do the show, Pettengill told the Westchester/Rockland Journal-News, “Obviously there’s a lot of radio stations in New York but on my social media people are still saying can’t find anything to listen to. Let’s face it: Good, bad or indifferent, when they listened to me, it was almost 29 years and you become like family. I miss them, they miss me. It’s kind of a cool way to bring it back.”

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