KXOL Los Angeles Rebooting

LA 96.3 Party Station Latino Los Angeles DJ Laz Power 96 WPOW MiamiSBS’ Spanish CHR “Latino 96.3” KXOL Los Angeles has rebranded as “96.3 LA’s Party Station“.

DJ Laz, the longtime morning host at Beasley’s “Power 96” WPOW Miami will debut on Monday morning at 6am. Currently the station is running jockless with English sweepers promoting Laz’ debut. The music mix is now about 60/40 English to Spanish. SBS registered LA963FM.com and LA963Radio.com for the station last week. It should also be noted that Univision’s 101.9 KSCA Los Angeles began using the “LA 101.9” moniker last year.

How long will it be until Laz is carried by one of SBS’ Miami stations as well?

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