Apple’s Coming; But Likely Not iRadio

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Apple IRadio WWDC Pandora SpotifyWith Friday’s signing of Sony bringing all three major record labels under contract, all signs point to Apple launching their long expected streaming service on Monday at their Worldwide Developers Conference. While most reports have pegged the service as “iRadio“, it is doubtful that will be the name the service takes when it launches.

On the technical side, Apple does not own the trademark or domains for iRadio. has been owned by Howard Freedman’s WebRadio Strategists since 1995. The trademark for the term is currently owned by Jacqueline Carter of Ventura, CA. Carter and fiancee Marc Angell are owners of the syndicated “Music Of Your Life” Adult Standards network and considered by some to be a trademark squatter. Music of Your Life is attempting to license to name to other companies.

Apple has a history of launching brands without owning the trademark or domain, instead using its cash reserves or legal might to obtain what they need. But in this case why would Apple even want the iRadio name?

Of the companies that Apple will be attempting to compete with, only one emphasizes radio in the brand. It’s not Google Radio, Pandora Radio, Spotify Radio, or Slacker Radio; just Google Play Music, Pandora, Spotify, Slacker, and even TuneIn. Only the streaming services owned by terrestrial radio companies feel obliged to include the name radio in their brands with Clear Channel’s IHeartRadiom CBS’, and Townsquare Media’s RadioPup leading the way.

Which group does Apple want to compete with for listeners and advertisers? You have one guess.

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