Why Domain Registrations Matter

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Rumors have been spreading for a few months that CBS was looking to purchase stations from Harold Camping’s Family Radio.

Hubbard Radio, owners of WTOP the station that will now be directly attacked by CBS’ new News station on 99.1 made a much cheaper acquisition that will be just as effective in the coming battle.

A domain squatter had the domain listed for a mere $280. The domain was transferred to Hubbard on October 24.

CBS, which in 2010 moved all its spoken word formats and television stations to a series of CBSMarketName.com domains, uses CBSWashingtonDC.com as the web portal for Talk 1580 WHFS and Sports “106.7 The Fan” WJFK. It too will be the online home of the News station on 99.1.

Every time a host or reporter mentions CBSWashingtonDC.com on the air there will be quite a few people inserting in CBSWashington.com. Each time they will be sent to WTOP.com, potentially losing a coveted listener as well as digital revenue. For just $280, they may have gained thousands of dollars in potential revenue, while taking the same amount away from CBS.

At this moment the following domains which also could be used to brand the new station are all available: News991.com, NewsRadio99.com, and NewsRadio991.com. ElZol1079.com and 1079ElZol.com for the displaced format are also untaken. CBS should have all these domains already claimed to prevent others from doing so.

Update 11/18: CBS has quickly registered the two El Zol domains mentioned above, while 991News.com, News991.com, AllNews99.com, and AllNews991.com join the list of domains registered by Hubbard for WTOP.

This site takes advantage of radio owners that do not properly protect their domain portfolio to snuff out programming changes on a regular basis. We’re trying to educate the industry, while using the gifts they hand us on a silver platter. If you are unable to properly protect your valuable brands then you have nobody to blame but yourself when it blows up in your face.

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