Eric Zane Exits Free Beer & Hot Wings

Eric Zane Free Beer Hot Wings 97.9 WGRD Townsquare MediaThe Free Beer & Hot Wings syndicated morning show has announced that co-host Eric Zane has departed the show.

Zane had been with the show as a producer and co-host since 2000 when it was based at WBON Knoxville TN after competing against them at 103.5 WIMZ. The show moved to WTHK Trenton NJ and finally Townsquare Media’s 97.9 WGRD Grand Rapids, where it has been based since 2004 and began national syndication.

The statement released by the show indicates that the decision to let go of Zane was made by Townsquare. He had been off the air since February 4 with no comments made by the program as to why.

The time has finally come for us to address the extended absence of Eric Zane. We can now confirm that Zane is no longer a part of the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show. Our parent company and he have severed ties which means that it is impossible for us to carry on with him. We had some truly great times together and hoped that it would stay that way until the end, however we’ve been in this game a long time and that’s often the nature of the business. He is still our friend and brother and always will be.

Details are still being worked out between all parties involved which means as of now, we quite literally are not at liberty to give specific details beyond confirmation of his departure. This is not a scenario we ever hoped we’d find ourselves in and obviously didn’t ask for, but here we are. This has been incredibly difficult and weird for ALL involved and we appreciate your understanding. Right now, we ask that you let us handle this like the internal family issue it is. We are all real people with real emotions dealing with real things that affect us all directly. Finger pointing, blame, attacks or misguided speculation are not helpful.

So that’s it. For now. The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show goes on.

We’ll tell you more when we can…unless we can’t. Forward we go. We hope you come with us. We can’t do it without you.

-The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show

Zane himself took to Twitter to release a statement on his own behalf:

The show will continue on with Gregg “Free Beer” Daniels, Chris “Hot Wings” Michaels, Producer Joe and Steve.

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