105.5 Toledo Rebrands Again

Q105.5 Channel Star 105.5 WWWM WQQO Toledo Cumulus Denny SchafferFor the second time this year Cumulus Hot AC “Channel 105.5” WWWM-FM Sylvania/Toledo is rebranding itself.

The station relaunched this morning as “Q105.5” after picking up the “Channelmoniker on April 1 in place of “Star“. New WQQO call letters are now in place with the former WWWM-FM ones being parked on the former 105.7 WGVZ Eden Prairie MN.

Regional Vice President Andy Stuart told morning host Denny Schaffer on-air that market research told them that listeners like letters of the alphabet with the letter Q constantly coming up and that “nobody knows what Channel meant”.

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  1. Woof! says

    Putting lipstick on a pig does not make a better station. Take it to a different format. You are not hitting KISS FM, The River, or K100. Why not try a missing channel, such as Mainstream Rock, etc? Nobody cares about the 105.5 frequency, beyond the Arlington Compound. And stop using it for sales. Put the station to better use.

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