Gold Coast’s KCAQ & KOCP To Swap Frequencies

Q104.7 Q95.9 KCAQ Oxnard Ventura Old School 95.9 104.7 KOCP Jimmy Reyes Rico MamboGold Coast Broadcasting will swap frequencies for its Rhythmic Oldies “Old School 95.9” KOCP Camarillo and Rhythmic CHR “Q104.7” KCAQ Oxnard in the Oxnard/Ventura market on Friday, July 1 at 7:00am.

The move is all about the adjacent Los Angeles market as the move is to allow KOCP’s programming to rimshot the city filling the void for Rhythmic Oldies created by the flip of “Hot 92.3” KHHT to Urban “Real 92.3” KRRL in February 2015. 104.7’s signal covers much of Los Angeles proper with a booster in the San Fernando Valley and a translator CP on 98.3 that will cover the westside including Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. Much of its programming is duplicated on “Old School 104.7” KQIE Redlands serving the Inland Empire.

The KCAQ programming will be downgraded to the Class A signal of 95.9. However that station holds a CP that will relocate the signal to east of Oxnard where it will sacrifice its coverage in the Santa Barbara market for additional coverage in Simi Valley/Thousand Oaks and the western side of the San Fernando Valley.

Gold Coast Broadcasting has swapped the FM dial positions of two of its top rated radio stations serving the Oxnard/Ventura Metro. Rhythmic CHR formatted KCAQ, branded as “Q104.7 FM”, has moved down the FM dial to the 95.9 spot and is now called “Q95.9 FM”. Formerly in that spot was Rhythmic Oldies formatted KOCP, known for the past two years as “Old School 95.9 FM”, which has moved up to the 104.7 position and is now branded as “Old School 104.7”. The changes took place at 7am this morning, July 1.

“We are all very excited about these moves. We have two great brands that happen to be switching their radio addresses and both have strong, full coverage signals,” said Brian Davis, EVP/chief of Programming Operations for parent company Point Broadcasting LLC. “In addition to great brands, we have an incredibly talented group of people that execute and contribute to these stations everyday. The combination of these things will allow us to continue to super-serve, our listeners in the Oxnard/Ventura Metro, and market area, and have a great time doing it.”

In a letter to the stations advertisers the company’s CFO/Chief Development Officer, Miles Sexton, explained the reason for the changes: “This format realignment provides us with better options for the expansion or our fast growing “Old School 104.7” Rhythmic Oldies format while still maintaining “Q95.9” as the dominate Rhythmic CHR format in the region. It is a strategic move for the growth and maintenance of our loyal listening audiences, and that builds value for you, our advertising clients”.

In addition to KCAQ and KOCP, Gold Coast Broadcasting also operates Pop CHR formatted KFYV “LIVE 105.5 FM”, News/Talk formatted KVTA 1590 AM and Spanish News/Talk formatted KUNX 1400.

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  1. David @ USC says

    What impact will the CP for 95.9 have on KFSH 95.9 out of nearby Orange County, which has a somewhat listenable signal on the Westside and slightly penetrates into the eastern San Fernando Valley too.

  2. Ben Ditzel says

    If I understand this correctly, this will completely drown out The Fish’s signal in the north LA area. I think KFSH needs to look into a signal swap of their own. 🙁

    1. Ben Ditzel says

      Upon further investigation, it seems no signal patterns will change…. Only the programming. So now, instead of old school interfering with KFSH 95.9 The Fish, Contemporary CHR will be the inhibitor to hearing Christian radio in North LA.

      1. Lance Venta says

        Incorrect. As I mentioned in the story, KOCP has a CP to move to a new antenna further east. The blue circle is the current protected contour and the red is the projected for the new signal.

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