Beasley Continues Boston Expansion

Beasley Media Group Greater Media Philadelphia Boston Detroit Charlotte New Jersey WMMR WMGK WRIF WCSX WBOS WKLB WMJXBeasley Media is adding an additional FM signal in Boston with the purchase of the CP for 106.1 W291CZ Boston from Radio-One for $400,000.

Radio-One had just purchased the former 94.1 W231BI Utica NY from Educational Media Foundation earlier this year for $40,000 and used the AM Revitalization Waiver to bring it to Boston where it was to rebroadcast 1090 WILD. Beasley will instead apply to have the translator rebroadcast their Brokered 1330 WRCA Watertown.

The translator is licensed to operate with 99w/222m from the Prudential Tower in downtown Boston. It will give Beasley an additional FM to go along with the five FMs it will be acquiring from Greater Media.

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  1. coughitup says

    Well, it looks like the China Radio International people will be denied a chance to spread propaganda on FM here in Boston

  2. Neg Ative says

    400 grand for something Radio One paid 40k for, plus expenses.

    Not a bad R.O.I.

    And Beasley still has to build it out….

    So much for Radio One’s continued commitment to the under served minority population of Boston….

    Oh I forgot that went out the window years ago….

  3. Joseph_Gallant says

    Could Beasley decide to dump the brokered programming on WRCA-1330 and instead, have it (and the new FM translator) air a contemporary Spanish-language format that Beasley itself would be responsible for (instead of leasing out airtime to others)??

    This way, Boston could get a contemporary Spanish-language music station on FM that would reach Hispanic neighborhoods inside Route 128 (a beltway that surrounds Boston)

  4. ksradiogeek says

    And there goes R1’s chance of making WILD some-what something again.

  5. Nathan Obral says

    Maybe it’s just me… BUT Beasley owns the rights to the WBCN calls, still parked on the 1660 facility in Charlotte…

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