WBTA Batavia Goes Easy

1490 100.1 WBTA Batavia EasyFMHPL Communications Full Service AC 1490 WBTA/100.1 W261CR Batavia NY has shifted its music to Soft AC utilizing Radio Consulting Services LLC’s “easy fm” service.

Radio Consulting Services, LLC announces easy fmTM, their soft adult contemporary format targeting Adults 35-54 has just launched on WBTA AM Batavia and FM Translator W261CR.

WBTA is owned by HPL Communications, Inc. and headed by President Dan Fischer who said “This year we’ve been celebrating WBTA’s 75 anniversary; we decided it was a great time to chart a course for our future.”

Developed by Managing Partner Jon Holiday and Programmer Rick Brady, easy fmTM is a blend of soft rock and pop hits from the 70s through the early 2000s. Holiday said, “We are pleased to be working with Dan Fischer and his team.” Brady said, “This format will provide a fresh sound for WBTA’s audience”.

Holiday and Brady were part of the team that made Jones Radio Networks®, Inc., America’s leading independent radio programming company. The duo continued with Dial Global after it acquired Jones in 2008.

easy fmTM plays the most popular soft and easy hits from superstars such as Elton John, Billy Joel, The Eagles and Chicago, plus many favorites rarely heard these days on mainstream AC.

Radio Consulting Services’ easy fmTM can function as a locally hosted or un-hosted format. easy fmTM is backed by a depth of hands-on experience; Radio Consulting Services will provide clients with a complete package, including researched music, music logs, updated music library data, an image voice talent and one-on-one consulting. A signature TV spot for external marketing is also available.
HPL Communications, Inc. owns radio station WBTA AM Batavia and FM Translator W261CR Darien Center, NY.

Radio Consulting Services, LLC is a full-service consulting firm, advising radio stations on programming, research, marketing/promotions, imaging, content, and talent development in multiple formats, including News/Talk/Sports, Country, AC/Hot AC, Top 40, Rock and various gold based formats.

Radio Consulting Services is based in Denver, CO.
For more information about Radio Consulting Services, call 303.690.9093 or visit radioconsultingservices.com. For more information about easy fmTM, visit radioconsultingservices.com/easyfm.html

  1. Joseph_Gallant says

    I could see this format also getting picked-up by some stations in areas with large populations of older adults (i.e. parts of Arizona and Florida).

    1. Charles Everett says

      Miami and Tampa have Soft A/C already. Big ratings, small ad billings, have to be propped up by their clustermates.

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