Spanish Soft Oldies Coming To 107.1 Los Angeles

Super Estrella SuperEstrella La Suavecita 107.1 KSSE KSSC KSSD Los Angeles VenturaEntravision will launch Spanish Soft Oldies “La Suavecita” at midnight tonight.

The new format will position itself between Univision’s Spanish AC “K-Love 107.5” KLVE, which currently ranks sixth in the market with a 4.1 share and is the top ranked Spanish language station, and Spanish Adult Hits “Recuerdo 103.9/98.3“. Core artists listed on the station’s website include Selena, Los Bukis, Bronco, Los Angeles Azules, Los Yonics, and Los Temerarios.

La Suavecita 107.1 KSSE KSSD KSSC Los Angeles Ventura

Original Report 12/1:Entravision is pulling the plug on the Spanish CHR “Super Estrella 107.1” trimulcast in Los Angeles.

The station has let go of most of its airstaff and is running sweepers between songs directing listeners to the a digital platform featuring four distinct format streams: Clásico, Rock, Nuevo, and Club SE.

Super Estrella debuted in 1997 on 97.5 Riverside CA before adding the 103.1 KDLD/KDLE simulcast in 2000. Following the acquisition of the 107.1 trimulcast in 2003, the format moved to those signals replacing Big City Radio’s competing “Viva 107.1” brand. The three signals are KSSE Arcadia serving the bulk of Los Angeles proper and surrounding towns, KSSD Fallbrook covering northern San Diego County, and KSSC Ventura in the Oxnard/Ventura market. The stations registered a 0.7 share in the November Nielsen Audio PPMs.

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Posted by Keven Ramírez on Thursday, December 1, 2016

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Posted by Joe Diaz on Thursday, December 1, 2016

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  1. Eric Jon Magnuson says

    If anyone wants to keep up with the broadcast stream, it’s apparently still live at

    1. pjc1961 says

      On the player link above Entravision changed the “player-logo” in the upper left corner of the player,
      giving a clue as to what format may be coming to 107.1. It reads:
      La Suavecita 107.1 FM
      Con Todas Tus Favoritas
      Loosely translated: “The Soft 107.1 FM” “With All Your Favorites”
      Player logo photo link:

      1. Eric Jon Magnuson says

        The page title has also changed, to “La Suavecita 107.1 Los Angeles”. Unless they plan on stunting with fake formats, that’s probably what the end product will be.

        Also, going by Super Estrella’s still-active Facebook account (, the multi-stream website may continue. There’s even apparently a send-off party for the old format going on tonight.

        1. djflashback says

          Another Spanish AC to try and compete with KLVE? That’s gonna go well….

  2. Joseph_Gallant says

    If only the “Indie” format would come back to the Los Angeles area on the 107.1 trimulcast!

    1. Lance Venta says

      Because the market needs more Alternative to go up against two full powered stations, a non-comm AAA, and the music programming on KCRW.

      1. goriajk says

        Good point, Lance. I’m spoiled now, I spend most of my time listening to KCSN 88.5 and KCRW 89.9 HD2 ‘Eclectic24’ – what’s on 106.7 these days?

    2. ksradiogeek says

      That “once in a lifetime format” will not happen again (commercially) on Southern Cali radio. Like Lance mentioned, you got 2 full-powered Alternative FMs, and a couple of non-comms. Really would be hard to make a go of it.

    3. saladressing says

      +1 for real adventurous radio like “Indie” was, curated by real humans and not a computer. It’s what made freeform radio so great in the 1970s and could have a new renaissance again. Today, the dial is robotic and that’s why people have been leaving old fashioned radio en masse for so long. There’s no LIFE in today’s radio.

    4. Stelly says

      Indie 103.1 continues online, where its intended audience is more likely to listen to it.

  3. Ben Ditzel says

    I honestly can’t think of another format Los Angeles needs other than possibly a true oldies station (not KRTH type) or a Christian Contemporary music station (Air 1 isn’t; it’s rock & KFSH doesn’t cover downtown and north).
    What we definitely DON’T need more of is:
    A/C / Top 40
    Hip Hop
    Soft Rock
    NPR/ Talk
    Regional Mexican
    Spanish Pop
    Sports Radio

    We have a tremendous glut in the market of Top 40 and Spanish language regional / pop / etc etc

    1. djflashback says

      From my understanding, I don’t think Air 1 can enter the Los Angeles market since KLVE has held onto the “K-LOVE” brand since 1975.

      Speaking of which, KLVE 107.5 FM was the first and now the only Spanish contemporary station in Los Angeles. And due to it’s still high ratings over the years, I doubt Univision will pull the plug on that.

      But there are too many Rock, Top 40 and Regional Mexican stations in the market… Kinda sucks since 107.1 was the only Rock en Espanol outlet in LA, but it was just a jumbled mess it seemed and the trimulcast didn’t help it out.

      Maybe they’ll do something niche and turn it to classic Hip Hop or something cool. I miss the old Groove 103.1 (all Dance) back in the 90’s.

      1. Ben Ditzel says

        EMF’s K-LOVE can’t enter the market for that reason. Air 1 is already in the market on 92.7 & 91.9 (and a few other small repeaters).

      2. Charles Everett says

        Southern Cali already has “Back in the Day Hits” on KDAY. I seriously doubt a Spanish operator like Entravision would do an English format in the Southland.
        Speaking of whom, Entravision is targeting midnight Sunday for the new format.

  4. e-dawg says

    I wonder if Entravision is trying to bring Radio Tri-Color (Regional Mexican) format to 107.1 fm?

    Based on Entravision website, majority of their radio stations are branded Jose (Spanish Adult Hits) or Tri-Color (Regional Mexican).

  5. Eric Jon Magnuson says

    LA Weekly has a good “obituary” for the old format, at Also, a commenter on Super Estrella’s aforementioned Facebook page gave a shout-out to the late, lamented Ritmo 98.3 (KRTO)–which I had pretty much forgotten about. (Ironically, 98.3 is now part of Univision’s Recuerdo simulcast.)

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