Winnipeg Gets Hot For 90s Hits

Hot 100.5 Jewel 101 CFJL Winnipeg 90s MoreEvanov Radio Group has flipped Soft AC “Jewel 101” 100.5 CFJL-FM Winnipeg to 90s Hits “Hot 100.5“.

Positioned as “90s & More”, the station is stretching to play compatible songs from the early 2000s. Adam West, Program Director of sister CHR “Energy 106” CHWE-FM adds those duties at CFJL. The new format positions Hot 100.5 between Corus’ recently launched Adult Hits “Peggy @ 99.1” CJGV, Bell Media’s 80s/90s based “99.9 Bob-FM” CFWM-FM, and Rogers Media Hot AC “Kiss 102.3” CKY-FM.

INSTANT INSIGHT: While we saw attempts at 90s Hits several years ago all fade. Canada seems to be a breeding ground for new takes on gold based formats. The aforementioned CFWM was the first Variety Hits station when it launched in 2002, while Canadian stations were among the first to bring the Classic Hits format into the 1980s centered position it is today.

If the 90s based format were to succeed in its second go-round, perhaps this Pop/Dance leaning version launched in Winnipeg will be the key to giving it a concentrated focus and broad enough library to get away with eschewing the major Alternative and Hip-Hop songs that dominated much of the decade.

Evanov Radio Group, best known for engaging audiences with Top 40, and Lite and Refreshing Favourites, is proud to announce the arrival of Winnipeg’s first and only “90s and More” station, “HOT 100.5”.

Offering fan-favourite music programming from the 90s and 2000s, “Hot 100.5” delivers the perfect blend of Pop, Rock, R&B and Dance classics that the city is yearning to hear once again.

The all new HOT 100.5 will play the best hits never forgotten music and performers…such as Usher, Spice Girls, Alanis Morissette, Madonna, N’Sync, Eminem, Pink, Destiny’s Child, Britney Spears, Nelly, Backstreet Boys and many more.

“We wanted to flip the script on what Winnipeg is currently being offered”, says Program Director Adam West. “We feel that this is the type of station that is totally lacking from the current market, but that continues to be requested by listeners. We are very excited to be able to provide that to our audiences.”

HOT 100.5 is set to launch February 17, 2017 and promises a new and refreshing, yet familiar, vibe and sound that reflects the tastes of Winnipeg.

Signature shows and line up information to follow.

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