Following Rock Move 99.5 The Fox Debuts In Klamath Falls

Af99.5 The Fox KFXX-FM Klamath Falls 94.9 The Rock KAGO-FM Basin Mediactiveter moving its Rock format from 99.5 to 94.9, Basin Mediactive debuted Classic Hits “99.5 The Fox” KFXX-FM Klamath Falls OR at 8am this morning.

Launching with 7,000 songs commercial-free, the station is presenting itself as “Best of the 70s, 80s & More”. Following the conclusion of the commercial-free run, the station will give away a hot tub from a local sponsor. The launch comes following a stunt looping Ylvis’ “What Does The Fox Say” and occasionally other songs with Fox in the title.

Basin also announced its new morning show for “94.9 The Rock” KAGO-FM as PD/middayer Jay Davis will supplant Free Beer & Hot Wings with a locally focused, musically intensive morning show.

The Fox has arrived! KFXX-FM (Klamath Falls, OR), 99-5 the Fox (formerly KAGO-FM) debuted this morning with 7,000 songs in a row, playing Classic Hits from the 70s, 80s and more. Basin Mediactive, parent company of KLAD AM/FM, KAGO AM/FM and KHIC-FM, is thrilled about their new addition and their partnership with local merchant, Relax Hot Tubs and More. Relax has offered a new hot tub to be given away during the launch of the new station! When The Fox has played 7,000 songs in a row with no commercials, listeners will be given the chance to win a brand new hot tub, by simply being the 99th caller when instructed.

99.5 FM Program Director, Jay Davis said “We’ve been talking to the Klamath Basin and found the right mix of music for the perfect at-work listening experience. It’s also great for weekend parties. Thanks to Relax Hot Tubs and More, someone will be enjoying all this great music in a new Hot Tub.”

Listeners of the Rock (formerly at 99.5FM, now at 94.9 KAGO-FM Altamont, OR) have received the news that in place of the nationally syndicated “Free Beer and Hot Wings” show, mornings will be anchored by current mid-day host and Program Director, Jay Davis.
The new morning program will bring local focus back to morning rock radio in Klamath Falls and will be music intensive. Jay says “The timing was just right. With the frequency move, it was time to make a change and we think this a much better fit for Klamath Falls, focusing on local concerns and playing more music.”

Original Report 5/10: Basin Mediactive has moved Active Rock “99.5 The Rock” KAGO-FM Klamath Falls OR to new sign-on 94.9 KFXX-FM Altamont.

Now branded as “The Rock @ 94.9“, the station is planning to announce a new local morning show later this week to replace the syndicated Free Beer & Hot Wings. The KAGO-FM calls have moved over to the new Class C2 94.9 signal.

99.5 KFXX-FM is now looping Ylivs’ “What Does The Fox Say” in preparation of debuting a new format on Friday, May 12 at 8:00am.

Today, May 10th 2017, listeners of 99.5 The Rock woke up to hear the song “What Does The Fox say?” by Ylvis, playing non stop. No there wasn’t a problem with the radio station, it’s Basin Mediactive’s way of introducing a change that’s happening at 99.5 on the FM dial.

Basin Mediactive, LLC, is the home of KLAD-FM (92-5 Oregon’s Country Giant), KAGO-FM (94.9 the Rock), KHIC-FM (Big 98.5, Today’s Hit Music), KLAD-AM (ESPN 93-3FM and 960AM) and KAGO-AM (News Talk 1150).

Listeners this morning not only heard “What Does The Fox Say” over and over, but it was announced that at 8:00 am Friday morning, May 12th, listeners will find out what exactly they will hear from now on, on 99.5 FM.

Don’t worry though, “The Rock” is still alive and well and has moved up on the radio dial to 94.9 as well as up to a radio tower on Stukel Mountain. As part of the move, the morning program “Free Beer and Hot Wings” will be replaced with a local morning program, to be announced this Friday.

99.5 FM Program Director Jay Davis said, “This new station that we will unveil on Friday at 8am will be a refreshing change for the Klamath Basin and we can’t wait to share it with you.” General Manager Rob Siems said, “We wanted to do something to get Klamath Basin residents’ attention, and once 8am Friday gets here ‘What Does The Fox Say?’ will make complete sense.”

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    Judging by the graphic logo image on the KFXX-FM (99.5) Listen Live player, it would appear that the new station will be branded as “99-5 The Fox Classic Hits”.
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