NextRadio Uses Streaming To Come To iPhones But…

NextRadio Dial Report Tag StationAs Apple continues to block getting the FM chip enabled for radio reception on smartphones, the Emmis Communications led TagStation has released a streaming based version of its NextRadio app for iPhones.

The app purports to feature the same features that the NextRadio app on other devices features including its Live Guide of everything playing in a local area. The app only allows listeners to select a stream of an FM station in a local area as opposed to any station. However there does appear to be some holdouts. From where I am located in Central New Jersey I am given the option of 27 streams including most New York City FMs and HD subchannels with the exception of the stations owned by Univision, iHeartMedia and most non-commercial stations in the market. This will lead to just more confusion for many listeners who will not be able to find their favorite stations and just continue using the iHeartRadio app, TuneIn, or a station app.

NextRadio, the app with the most FM radio stations, announced today the launch of an iOS version of its free app for iPhone mobile device users. NextRadio offers the most local radio FM stations available through a single app to Apple users for the first time.

The TagStation-owned NextRadio app allows listeners to remain connected with any city or community while on the go, making radio listening easy, portable and enjoyable. The free app allows listeners to interact with local stations and browse by station, genre or location, giving users complete control of their listening experience.

One of NextRadio’s most innovative features is the Live Guide, which allows users to see and select from what’s playing on local stations in real time all at once, rather than search through each station for something they want to hear. The Live Guide interface displays album art and program details, creating a more intuitive and immersive experience for local audio content and music discovery. Ninety-one percent of the population listens to radio each week to learn about new artists, breaking news and entertainment, and to hear from their favorite radio personalities.

“We’re thrilled that NextRadio is now available for use on both iOS and Android devices,” says Paul Brenner, President of TagStation the power behind NextRadio. “We want to empower all users to enjoy local FM radio without having their content restricted by geographic location or choice of device and this expansion of our capabilities and market penetration is an important part of our strategy to give more people the easiest way to access mobile radio that they can enjoy at home, at work and on the go.”

NextRadio is still committed to unlocking the FM Chip in all phones but wants to offer consumers the choice to listen to live local radio on any phone. We developed a streaming version until this goal becomes a reality.

NextRadio original FM smartphone for Android has also been updated to support streaming and is available in the Google Playstore.

  1. Christian says

    I’ve heard the iPhone doesn’t come with the chip included at all. The next one might.

    1. Lance Venta says

      Incorrect. All phones have a chip used for WiFi reception that can be used for decoding FM signals if there was A) An antenna and B) A decoding app. NextRadio would take care of the latter, but not the former.

      And that won’t change in the next version unless forced by the government.

  2. AnyHuman says

    Since Apple removed the headphone jack in the latest iPhones I don’t know if FM will ever work on the devices, since the radio on Androids requires the headphones to be plugged in so they can act as an antenna.
    Unless, they somehow figure out a way to use their Lightning port to receive FM. I had an HD radio app for my old iPhone 4S that used a special adapter to pick up signals that connected via the charging port and had a headphone jack on it. NextRadio should do the same thing using the Lightning port since Apple apparently doesn’t like FM for whatever reason.

  3. maytableinc says

    An almost “Radioplayer” app in the US. iHeartMedia is probably crying fowl at this app, just like the Radioplayer app in Canada from Bell Media.

  4. maytableinc says

    Also missing stations from Townsquare. Similar to how Townsquare has blocked their stream on Tunein as well. Might be calling this app Tunein 2.0.

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