94.5 KBAD Sioux Falls Goes Dark As Owner’s Dollar Loan Business Becomes Illegal

94.5 KBAD-FM Sioux Falls Gold Guns Rock N Roll Chuck Brennan Dollar Loan CenterAfter launching Classic Rock 94.5 KBAD-FM Sioux Falls SD in November 2015 as part of tourist attraction Badlands Pawn Shop, Chuck Brennan has pulled the plug on the station and the remaining parts of his businesses.

KBAD-FM went dark on Saturday as Brennan shuttered his all of his businesses following the South Dakota Division of Banking revoking the business licenses of his Dollar Loan Center in the state earlier this month. Brennan shut down the Badlands Pawn Shop and that included “a foundry, tattoo parlor, deli, gun range, gun store, concert venue, music department, casino, house band, entertainment group, radio station and retail store” at the end of 2016 after South Dakota voters approved a measure capping high interest short-term loans at 36% interest. Along with KBAD-FM, Brennan has now shut-down his Badlands Motor Speedway and Badlands Gun Shop as he exits doing business in the state. All of the properties are now being put up for sale with bids for the radio station and its studio building starting at $945,000 each.

Brennan’s Badlands Airtime had purchased then 94.5 KCFS from the University of Sioux Falls in May 2015 for $1.5 million. Prior to relaunching it as KBAD-FM, the station was upgraded from a 2kW/60m Class A to a C3 with 25kW/87.9m. The original intent was to use the station as an attraction at the Pawn Shop and be the flagship of a “Gold, Guns And Rock & Roll Network” stretching across the midwest. The station did generate a quick following in the market, launching with a 6.9 share in the Spring 2016 Nielsen Audio ratings and holding a 5.9 share in the Spring 2017 ratings. The demise now leaves Townsquare Media’s “B102.7” KYBB as the only Classic Rocker in the market.

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  1. AnyHuman says

    Sucks that it went under, but I guess if you’re going to be bad you’ll go under sooner or later. 😛

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