K-Love Expands Its San Francisco Presence

K-Love 98.3 WPKV Duquesne PittsburghEducational Media Foundation has purchased 89.3 KRSA Moss Beach and 103.3 K277CH San Francisco CA from Bill Lacy’s Broadcast Towers Inc. and Educational Public Radio Inc. for $414,000.

The two signals will complete EMF’s “K-Love” coverage in the San Francisco Bay Area to fill in holes where its 107.3 KLVS Livermore does not reach. KRSA serves Daly City, South San Francisco and San Mateo south of the city while K277CH holds a CP to upgrade from 10w to 99w/378m to cover San Francisco proper. EMF’s 88.9 K205BM San Rafael currently covers San Francisco itself but holds a CP to relocate to Oakland from a tower near Berkeley where it will fill-in gaps in the East Bay with 250w vertical/453m.

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