WKRU Green Bay Brings Out The Big Dog

106.7 The Big Dog KRUZ WKRU Green BayCumulus Media launched its new format on 106.7 WKRU Allouez/Green Bay WI following its Christmas Music run as the station debuted its new identity as Classic Rock “106.7 The Big Dog” at 6pm this evening.

With the previously announced Bob & Tom Show debuting on Tuesday, the new format gives a Green Bay market competitor to Woodward Communications’ 105.7 WAPL Appleton. The format had previously been done on the 106.7 frequency from 1998-2007 as “106.7 The Eagle” WJLW while Bob & Tom hasn’t been heard in the market since 93.5 WRQE flipped to Classic Country in 2014.

Update 12/22: Cumulus Media has announced that stunting “Christmas 106.7” WKRU Allouez/Green Bay WI will debut its new format at 6pm on Christmas Day.

While not giving away its new format, the station is promoting that it will pick up the syndicated Bob & Tom Show for mornings starting 12/26.

Original Report 11/19: Cumulus Media has dropped the Adult Alternative “KRUZ @ 106.7” format on 106.7 WKRU Allouez/Green Bay WI in favor of Christmas Music as it prepares to debut a new identity after the holidays.

Currently branded as “Christmas @ 106.7“, the move means the end of the Adult Alternative format that launched in 2010. WKRU registered a mere 1.4 share in the Spring 2017 Nielsen Audio ratings.

Northpine reports that Green Bay was one of the few markets that traditionally has not had a station go all Christmas as the last time a station did so was in 2012.

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  1. Mark W. says

    I predict a return of 106.7 The Eagle. That format performed a LOT better than Kruz @ 106.7, which should’ve been buried long ago.

    I cannot remember when The Eagle went away. I do know at one point NE Wisconsin had an insanely high number of rock and classic rock stations. 93.5, 94.7, 96.9, 105.7, 106.7, and 107.5. Might even be forgetting one or two.

  2. Mark W. says

    …and given the fact the market supported two heritage / classic rock stations for years, I think this move makes sense. Also would complement 107.5’s sports format nicely.

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