Cumulus Amarillo Country Pair To Swap Frequencies

107.1 The Armadillo KPUR 95.7 Nash Icon KARX AmarilloCumulus Media will swap frequencies of its two Country stations in Amarillo TX on Monday, January 15.

Texas/Red Dirt Country “107.1 The Armadillo” KPUR Canyo will move to the 100kW/119m Class C1 signal currently held by “95.7 Nash Icon” KARX Claude, while that station moves to the 6kW/96m Class A 107.1 signal. In the Spring 2017 Nielsen Audio ratings, “The Armadillo” held a 2.0 share of the Amarillo market, while “Nash Icon” registered a 1.7 share.

Cumulus Media-Amarillo announces that it will flip the frequencies of two of its Country radio stations on Monday, January 15, 2018, as its increasingly popular Texas Red Dirt Country station KPUR-FM/“The Armadillo” moves from 107.1 on the dial to the more powerful 100,000-watt signal 95.7, which has been home to Cumulus Media’s Country-formatted KARX-FM. KARX-FM will segue to its new home at 107.1 as NASH Icon 107.1 FM. Once flipped, Texas Country 95.7, The Armadillo will have a significantly stronger signal and better coverage in the market, allowing the burgeoning Country station to reach Texas Red Dirt Country music lovers in towns surrounding Amarillo and making it the most powerful station in the U.S. to broadcast exclusively independent Texas Red Dirt Country music. Concurrently, the stations’ respective websites will launch their new online homes on January 15th at: and No changes in personnel or programming will occur on either station as a result of the flip.
Shannon Urton, Vice President/Market Manager, Cumulus Media-Amarillo, said: “The Texas Red Dirt audience is made up of the most loyal listeners I have ever seen and I am excited for what this move means for them and for the Texas Red Dirt Artists!”

Craig Vaughn, Operations Manager/Program Director, Cumulus Media-Amarillo, said: “Texas Red Dirt music has grown in popularity to the extent that 5,000 watts of power just wasn’t enough anymore. Moving to 95.7 gives KPUR 100,000 watts of power so we can satisfy the demand we’ve had from the smaller towns surrounding Amarillo. It’s a true testament to Cumulus Media CEO Mary Berner’s vision of letting the local markets make local decisions about what is best for them. On January 15, Cumulus will own the most powerful station in the nation playing only independent Texas Red Dirt Country music. NASH Icon will be moving to 107.1, which gives us the opportunity to make it a more local, community-based station while still playing the music that made Country great.”

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  1. airplane777 says

    “The Nash FM” branding isn’t a good fit for Texas, New Mexico or Oklahoma.

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