FCC Announces Long Awaited Translator Auction

FCC Federal Communications Commission RadioInsight Premium ReportA group of 43 mutually exclusive translator applications made in 2003 will finally go to auction on June 21.

The closed auction will only be available to the group of 43 MX’d filings made in the 2003 translator filing window and set as mutually exclusive in 2013 and 2014. The first step will be a remedial filing period to update the short-form applications to update information and to comply with rule changes that have been made since the original 2003 filings.

The FCC is also seeking comments for how the auction should proceed. Among the issues the agency seeks comment on are whether to waive the prohibition of major changes with respect to sales and transfers of control that have happened in the past 15 years such as the privatization of now iHeartMedia in 2008. The full FCC announcement can be seen here.

Among the markets with facilities going for auction are Austin TX, Charlotte NC, Panama City FL, Shreveport LA, Springfield MA and multiple frequencies in Raleigh NC. The full list of facilities are available here.

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