Alpha Takes Markley & Van Camp Show Into National Syndication

Markley Van Camp 101.1 KXL 1470 WMBD Alpha CompassAlpha Media has entered into a partnership with Compass Media Networks to distribute the Markley and Van Camp Show nationally starting April 2, 2018.

The show originates from 1470 WMBD/100.3 W262BY Peoria IL and also currently airs on Alpha’s 101.1 KXL-FM Portland, 750 KFQD/103.7 K279BG Anchorage AK, 850 WFTL West Palm Beach, 1240 KFOR/103.3 K277CA Lincoln NE as well as Guaranty Broadcasting’s “Talk 107.3” WBRP Baker/Baton Rouge LA and Tyler Media’s 1520 KOKC Oklahoma City.

Jamie Markley and Dave Van Camp have been paired together since April 2016 when Van Camp replaced Scott Robbins on the show. At the time the show was heard in just Peoria and Portland. Markley and Van Camp will be fed live from 12-3pm eastern/9am-12pm pacific for affiliates.

Alpha Media is proud to announce the selection of Compass Media Networks to manage the syndication of The Markley and van Camp Show, beginning April 2, 2018.

The MVC Show, broadcasting live 9am – Noon PST, and is currently heard on WMBD-AM: Peoria, IL., WFTL-AM: West Palm Beach, FL., KFOR-AM: Lincoln, NE., KFQD-AM: Anchorage, AK., KOKC-AM: Oklahoma City, OK., WBRP-FM: Baton Rouge, LA., and most notably KXL-FM in Portland, OR. The show is an often-humorous collection of hot takes on the day’s top trending stories.

Alpha Media Executive VP of Content, Scott Mahalick commented on the announcement, “Jamie Markley and Dave van Camp are rock stars. They are different from other News-Talk shows. Our goal was to end up as the new face of NT Radio to give the format something fresh and different, and MVC bring it every day!”

Compass Media Networks Founder/CEO, Peter Kosann added, “Thank you Alpha Media for developing MVC! Markley & van Camp bring a unique mix of humor and fun to current events that will retain core talk-radio listeners while gaining the hearts and minds of millennials searching for compelling daytime entertainment.”

“We are thrilled and appreciative for the opportunity to go national. Thank you in advance to our affiliates and advertisers for their faith in us,” remarked Markley.

Jamie Markley is about 20 years older and has 20 times less hair than his co-host. The age brings experience, while the hair loss is just a symptom of being a former program director. A Mid-Westerner and family man, the former rock DJ dazzles with his wit and uncanny ability to remember the length of nearly every 1980’s rock song. He’s a massive Dallas Cowboys fan, of which he has no problem constantly reminding you in the off-chance you think he’s an America-hating communist.

David van Camp is a Texan, but that isn’t held against him. DVC conveys a no-bull attitude and then hits you with a curveball joke. The (last) Houston Texans fan is also a former news director who somehow made it out of Mexico, Missouri alive, even if a little less sober.

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  1. radioradio says

    This is the worst press release in radio history. I’m sorry Alpha you really need to do better for these superstars.

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