FCC Report 3/18: What’s Next For The Chicago Ghost Translator

FCC Federal Communications Commission RadioInsight Premium ReportCentro Cristiano de Vida Eterna has withdrawn its license to cover for 98.3 W252AW Chicago filed in April 2017 after a series of petitions to deny filed by veteran Chicago engineer and reporter Larry Langford.

Centro Cristiano had been filing a series of applications to hop W252AW from Chicago’s western suburbs with the intent to bring it to downtown Chicago. Langford filed a Petition To Deny in December 2017 stating that many of the previous Construction Permits were never built out showing that a July 2016 License To Cover on a tower owned by the Illinois Department of Transportation, an October 2016 LTC on the tower of CBS Radio’s 670 WSCR, and a March 2017 LTC on a tower owned by the Chicago Transit Authority could not have been built as claimed as all three tower owners were never contacted nor granted permission for the translator to be constructed. An additional License to Cover to move to the roof of an apartment building at 1901 South Calumet Avenue filed in April 2017 also had no correspondence with the owner or proof of any construction.

On March 7, CCVE withdrew the license to cover and claimed it would resume at the most recently licensed facility which would be the Chicago Transit Authority tower. Langford followed up this week with a supplement showing more evidence that the translator was never constructed there and seeking the deletion of the W252AW and all of Centro Cristiano de Vida Eterna’s licenses.

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