WCKG Brings Fox Sports To Chicago

1530 102.3 WCKG ElmhurstDuPage Radio’s 1530 WCKG/102.3 W272DQ Elmhurst IL has flipped from a mix of Conspiracy Talk, Brokered Talk, and Dance Music to Sports utilizing Fox Sports Radio programming.

WCKG will carry FSR’s Clay Travis from 5-8am, Dan Patrick from 8-11am, Colin Cowherd 11am-2pm, and Rich Eisen on delay from 4-7pm. Other Fox Sports Radio programming will be heard on nights and weekends around brokered programming. In a very long-winded video announcing the new format and lineup, station manager Matt DuBiel pitched a brokered show to anyone interested to air from 2-3pm, while a brokered real estate show will continue in the 3-4pm slot.

Live in the WCKG Studios

WCKG Press Conference LIVE with Matt Dubiel !

Posted by WCKG on Monday, April 23, 2018

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  1. Mark says

    Of course, the main thing is that 1530 AM has been a hash marker all throughout its 40 years of existence. But because it’s been a niche player for most of its life, there a lot of unhappy Alex Jones and dance music fans right now. (Robert Feder’s regular right-wing correspondents are already complaining on his blog, but they’re probably Jones fans.) They should be happy that Clay Travis is on the air, though–and when did sports talk radio start to become right-wing?

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