KPRO Signs-Off Following Land Sale

1570 KPRO RiversideImpact Radio Christian 1570 KPRO Riverside CA has joined the list of AM stations going off the air as its land value exceeds that of the station’s.

The Press-Enterprise reports that the station ceased broadcasting on Friday, August 3. Co-owner Ronnie Olenick told the newspaper, “We tried to sell the station but could not find a buyer for it, and that’s why it’s now dark. But the land the transmitter and studios are on was sold; the developer will be building new houses on the property.”

Unlike other stations KPRO has not turned in its license, but has filed a silent STA to give a possibility for a buyer for the station assets to be found and to diplex with another local AM.

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  1. kr4bd says

    It’s sad to see this. I lived in the shadows of the KPRO-1570 towers (KACE , back then) from 1959 to 1965. I attended Riverside’s Central Junior High with Ronnie Lapica Olenick around 1960. But it’s obvious the family has struggled to keep the station viable for the last few decades. All the land surrounding their studios and four-tower in-line site has been densely developed for many year and it was clear they were sitting on some highly desirable real estate.

    Tom Mulvaney, KR4BD
    Lexington, KY

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