101.9 The River Debuts In Fort Smith

101.9 The River Fort Smith All Right NowAfter stunting with a loop of Free’s “All Right Now” since April, Fred Baker Stations launched Classic Rock “101.9 The River” K270BR/KISR-HD3 Fort Smith AR.

K270BR is featuring a broad deep-cuts based Classic Rock playlist overseen by Program Director Rick Hayes.

K270BR was one of three translators in Fort Smith running a loop of one song the past few months. 105.5 K288GO had been running a loop of Tammy Wynette’s “Stand By Your Man” and flipped to Classic Country “105.5 The Rooster” in August. 94.1 K231BS continues with a loop of Disturbed’s “Down With The Sickness”.

After playing Free’s “All Right Now” in a constant loop for months, a new Fort Smith radio station, The River 101.9 FM, will begin regular programming Monday, September 17, 2018 at 1:01pm.

The River 101.9, has played Free’s 1970 Rock Classic “All Right Now”, over 70,000 times to draw attention to the station’s new format, Classic Rock.

The River 101.9 is the newest addition to the group of stations owned by long-time area broadcaster Fred Baker, which includes: contemporary hits radio KISR 93.7 Fort Smith-96.1 Fayetteville, on the FM band since 1971, which originally played these classic rock tunes when they were topping the charts; La Raza 92.3, Fort Smith’s first and only Spanish-language FM station; Hog Country 93.1, featuring the newest in country music; The Rooster 105.5, playing the very best in classic country and western music, launched just over a month ago; and more coming soon.

The River 101.9 will feature all the great classic rock hits from that era, plus deep album cuts. The playlist is described by program director Rick Hayes as “deep and wide”, just like the river. The station will also feature very limited commercial interruptions, playing far less commercials than most area stations.

The River 101.9’s library boasts thousands of classic rock songs, far more than other stations, and in uncompressed extra-high-fidelity digital audio. The River 101.9 will have state of the art equipment, with its programming delivered to the transmitters digitally via a dedicated laser fiber optic link. Baker says the sound quality will be truly stunning, bringing all the classics to new life. The River 101.9 FM will also be simulcast in crystal clear digital audio, which can be received by tuning an HD radio to KISR HD-3.

Baker thanked the station’s staff, whom he called a great team of dedicated professionals, for all their hard work in building and preparing the station. Baker says he wants to thank the community for its nearly fifty years of support by bringing several unique new stations to Fort Smith, of which the River will be the second. Asked about others, he responded, “Keep listening!”

We are LIVE! Witness the birth of a River of Classic Rock!

Posted by The River 101.9 FM on Monday, September 17, 2018

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