End Of The World For Harold Camping’s Voice On Family Radio

Family Radio Harold CampingFive years after his death, Family Stations’ “Family Radio” Christian network is dropping the last remnants of founder Harold Camping as part of a movement to reestablish connections with other churches and Christian groups.

Camping, well known for his multiple end of the world proclamations, also regularly preached that that the institutional churches of all denominations had gone apostate meaning they had veered too far away from their true principles and that the faithful should leave those churches. Now as the network continues to resurrect itself in the wake of the failed doomsday predictions that led to Family Radio selling off their big FM signals in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore/Washington and Tampa.

Christian Post reports that Family Radio will drop all remaining airings of Camping’s programs after October 7. Tom Evans, who succeeded Camping as president, told the site that “Rather than dwell in the past, it’s time for us to move on and come into today. What can we do today as a ministry to encourage the Body of Christ? And that’s really what we’re focusing our attention on. We’re now turning from being critical of the church to now how can we embrace and encourage the church of Jesus Christ here in this world.”

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  1. Mark says

    I would wonder that with the new logo and the end of broadcasting Camping that Family Radio is willing to update their playlists and start leaning more CCM.

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