99X Atlanta Returns Again

99X 98.9 W255CJ AtlantaAfter testing via STA, Cumulus restored the Alternative format of “99X” to 98.9 W255CJ Atlanta.

W255CJ is now operating with 180w/306m with a directional null to the southwest to prevent interference to Gradick Communications’ “Great Classics 98.9” WWGA Tallapoosa.

Original Report 10/23: After being ordered off the air in April for failing to resolve interference complaints from Gradick Communications’ “Great Classics 98.9” WWGA Tallapoosa GA dating back to March 28, 2014, Cumulus Media Alternative “99X” W255CJ Atlanta has received an STA to attempt to resume operations.

W255CJ has been granted its STA application to operate with a directional 180w/306m over objections from WWGA and Dickey Broadcasting. In its application Cumulus stated that the the new facilities will drop radiation towards WWGA from between 121 and 250 watts to 8 and 34 watts. Gradick’s arguments were mostly about Cumulus’ failure to previously solve interference caused by the translator while it and Dickey argued that by placing a directional antenna on W255CJ it would negatively affect the co-located facilities of Dickey’s 93.7 W229AG and Cumulus’ 97.9 W250BC. Cumulus stated that it would be moving W255CJ to a second antenna port of the panel antenna to facilitate the implementation of a directional antenna, a separate power divider, transmission line and filter system to prevent any harm to those translators and co-located 91.9 WCLK.

Due to the previous history of failing to solve interference, the FCC is limiting the duration of the STA to one 90 day term to determine whether or not it causes any interference to WWGA. If it works Cumulus will need to file to make the new facilities permanent, if not both parties will be expected to work in good faith to resolve interference or Cumulus will need to cease operations of W255CJ again.

The “99X” programming has continued to air on 99.7 WWWQ-HD2 and online.

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  1. airplane777 says

    It would be interesting to find out if this is a true interference issue or just a way for a broadcaster to eliminate competition.

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