96.7 MeTV-FM Debuts In Burlington/Plattsburgh

MeTV fm MeTVFM 96.7 WXZO Burlington PlattsburghWXZO made the flip to Soft Oldies “96.7 MeTV-FM” on Friday.

While the station has no web or social media presence, it can be heard online here.

Original Report 1/9: Vox AM/FM has pulled the plug on Rhythmic CHR “Hot 96.7” WXZO Willsboro NY/Burlington VT and is currently stunting with a loop promoting the coming launch of Soft Oldies “MeTV-FM“.

The station is currently airing snippets of songs the station will be playing with sweepers including “Coming soon the most unique radio station on the dial and its all about you. From Me.”, “The new favorite station for the boomers is arriving soon. We’re talking about Me.”, and “Starting soon thinking me all the time won’t be a bad thing.”.

WXZO’s format became redundant in the cluster with Vox AM/FM’s acquisition of competing CHR “95 Triple X” WXXX South Burlington. WXXX held a 7.7 share of the Burlington/Plattsburgh market in the Spring 2018 Nielsen Audio ratings. WXZO had just a 1.1.

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  1. dudefromva says

    I think this is the first time people outside of Chicago can hear MeTV-FM. As the original MeTV-FM on Chicago’s Franken-FM 87.7 still (!) doesn’t broadcast online.

    1. Charles Everett says

      The MeTV format is also heard in Saginaw on the AM band.

    2. Lance Venta says

      Entercom’s 99.1 WMYX-HD2 Milwaukee has been streaming the MeTV-FM brand for months.


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