KOLT Country 107.5 Flagstaff Revamps As The New KOLT

107.5 Kolt Country KSED Flagstaff Stone Canyon GrenaxAfter stunting with a robotic countdown clock for a week, Stone Canyon Media Group Country “KOLT Country 107.5” KSED Sedona/Flagstaff AZ relaunched as “The New KOLT @ 107.5“.

The station’s relaunch is starting with 1000 songs commercial free and positioning as “Nobody Plays More New Country”. The station previously featured a broader mix of Country stretching from the 1990s through now. No word yet on airstaff plans.

INSTANT INSIGHT: One place the station failed with its highly successful stunting (see below) was the followup. For anyone who missed the launch segment on Monday morning there was nowhere to go as the station’s website has not been updated and their social media has nothing since the stunting started eight days ago.

Original Report 1/11: Stone Canyon Media Group Country “KOLT Country 107.5″ KSED Sedona/Flagstaff AZ is stunting with a robotic voice counting down to Monday, January 14 at 6:00am.

While this stunt has been done by stations across the country for decades, it has seemed to have struck a nerve leading to the Flagstaff Police Department having to make a public statement due to the the number of calls it has received regarding the stunting, which began this past Monday.

The Flagstaff Police Department has been receiving many calls on a marketing campaign being conducted by Kolt Country,…

Posted by Flagstaff Police Department on Thursday, January 10, 2019

KSED is one of two Country outlets in the unrated Flagstaff market along with Great Circle Media’s 92.9 KAFF-FM. It is unknown at this point whether the stunting is leading to a revamp of the brand or an outright format change.

Stone Canyon Media Group, led by former Cherry Creek Media CEO Joe Schwartz, Withers Broadcasting President Dana Withers, and former Emmis Senior Vice President John Beck acquired KSED and its three sister stations in September 2018 from Grenax II Broadcasting.

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  1. StogieGuy says

    This (as described) seems like a stunt with a very anti-climactic ending.

  2. wolfenforcer32 says

    Seems the only thing that changed was the moniker…even the logo is still the same.

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