Waze And Entercom’s Radio.com To Integrate Content Within Both Apps

Radio.com EntercomEntercom’s Radio.com has announced a partnership with Waze to integrate content between the two apps.

The deal will see Radio.com’s streaming and on-demand audio platform becoming accessible from within the Waze app while Waze navigation and live traffic maps will be integrated into the Radio.com app and website. Entercom will also integrate Waze’s traffic data into its on-air traffic reports.

Entercom, a leading media and entertainment company and one of the two largest radio broadcasters in the U.S., announced a first-of-its-kind multiplatform partnership with Waze, the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app. The partnership scales across broadcast, digital and streaming with app integrations on both Waze and RADIO.COM, the fastest growing digital audio app in the U.S. and the exclusive digital home for all Entercom content across its robust portfolio of 235 stations, and multi-platform content integrations.

As part of the deal, RADIO.COM will be integrated into the Waze app, allowing Waze drivers to seamlessly access the full range of RADIO.COM content including its leading local news and sports radio portfolio and local broadcast traffic reports, as well as its suite of leading music stations, podcasts, and on-demand audio content. Drivers will be able to access the RADIO.COM playback and discovery controls, including favorite, local, and recently played stations, directly in the Waze app. The integration with RADIO.COM marks the first time Waze will offer local sports and news content as part of their in-app experience.

“We’re thrilled to work with Entercom and look forward to leveraging the strategic opportunities within their impressive portfolio of stations,” said Mona Weng, Global Lead of Waze for Broadcasters. “This partnership is particularly impressive as it extends across broadcast, digital and streaming to provide real-time traffic updates and help broadcasters share hyper-local stories with their cities’ listeners. Through the Waze for Broadcasters program and efforts by our partners, we are collectively reducing traffic and working toward solving global mobility issues.”

RADIO.COM app users will also be able to access their Waze navigation from within the RADIO.COM app. In addition, the live Waze traffic map will be integrated into the RADIO.COM app and web platform.

“This partnership is a strategic move that offers both Waze and RADIO.COM users an enhanced experience,” said J.D. Crowley, Chief Digital Officer, Entercom. “We are the fastest-growing digital audio app in the country and we are pleased to join forces with Waze to bring our app and its unmatched content offering to Waze’s large community of drivers.”

Additionally, the partnership will allow Entercom to integrate the Waze community-based traffic data in its live and over-the-air traffic reporting across the company’s expansive portfolio of broadcast stations nationwide. Entercom stations will utilize the Waze data to provide enhanced real-time and hyperlocal traffic reporting to listeners across broadcast, streaming, and the RADIO.COM mobile and web platform.

“Partnering with Waze will allow us to offer more powerful real-time traffic updates to our audience,” said Fred Bennett, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Entercom. “By integrating new technologies into our on-air and digital traffic reporting, we will be able to better serve our communities and continue to offer them the most robust local traffic information they need to plan their day.”

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  1. fredstiening says

    So if you are running Waze in your car, why would you want a 10 minute delayed summary of traffic in parts of the city that are not relevant to your trip? Also having to process an audio message through your brain to pull up a mental map of the city to consider ways around a bottleneck totally misses the value of the Waze app.

    If Entercom promotes Waze, they are undercutting one of the reasons people might still choose radio over Spotify or SiriusXM. Cutting product quality in a high gross profit business to “cut expenses” is long term stupid.

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