Vermont University Shuts Off FM; Moves Online

91.3 WIUV Castleton Internet RadioCastleton University has taken 91.3 WIUV Castleton VT off the air as the school has moved its programming exclusively online.

The Class A 230 watt/-72m signal had operated since 1976. With the move, the station has rebranded as “Castleton Internet Radio” as it intends to expand its production of alternate audio methods including podcasts.

Station General Manager Shudder Hurd-Burnell told the Castleton Spartan, “I think that this is going to be a gateway to a lot of opportunities for new mediums and forms of expression for students. I want to welcome the future but always maintain the traditions, experiences, and culture from traditional college radio.”

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  1. Time Traveler says

    From what I understand…..Most college stations that drop their FM signal….also lose most of their audience in the process….I don’t see the logic of this move….

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