Quinnipiac University Shuts Down 1220 WQUN

1220 WQUN New Haven Quinnipiac UniveristyQuinnipiac University’s Full Service Standards 1220 WQUN Hamden/New Haven CT signed off at 6pm Friday while the university continues to search for a buyer for the commercial station.

While GM/morning host Ray Andrewsen had ended his show two weeks earlier, OM/midday host Pam Landry and afternoon host Brian Smith served as the final day’s airstaff with Landry staying on the air alongside Smith for the final hours.

In a letter to listeners, Andrewsen said the staff was “all grateful to have been part of your listening routine…and we did it with heartfelt enthusiasm and commitment.”

Despite an outpouring of community support for WQUN’s local programming, Quinnipiac president Judy Olian declined to reconsider her decision or offer a public comment about the closure. Local media hoping to cover the station’s final day were barred from the building.

While the university will retain the WQUN studio building, it continues to seek a buyer for the station’s license and transmitter facility. WQUN is licensed to operate with 1kW day/305w night.

All of the staff at WQUN would like to thank you for being loyal listeners for so many years. As you know, WQUN has ceased operations. We are all grateful to have been part of your listening routine.

WQUN has served over 400 local institutions every day: advertisers, government agencies, non-profit organizations, civic groups, and we did it with heartfelt enthusiasm and commitment.

To you, our listeners over the decades, for your interest, participation, support, and for the many kind words expressed, we thank you.

Ray Andrewsen
General Manager

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