Bear Gets Big in Binghamton

Clear Channel Classic Rock “107.5 The Bear” WBBI Binghamton, NY has shifted to Classic Hits as “Big 107.5“.

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  1. newxmcustomer says

    Just what we need in this area…another OLDIES station. A quick search indicates that there are 4 Oldies and 8 Adult Contemporary formats in this area and now only one crappy (WAAL) Classic Rock station. Meet the newest XM/Sirius customer. As if this area’s radio stations weren’t sad enough…the Bear was one that I truly enjoyed listening to and now that they have changed formats, I’ll be pulling out all my old CD’s for my commute (already have…same day I heard the change) and more than likely sticking with the XM subscription in my new car after my free months are up.

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