Format Change Coming to Mega 98.1 WNUE Orlando

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Entravision Spanish CHR “Mega 98.1” WNUE Orlando, FL has let go of its on-air staff and has begun stunting with a loop of Jose Feliciano’s “Feliz Navidad”. The station is advising listeners to tune in on Wednesday at 3:00pm. WNUE has fallen far behind Clear Channel’s “Rumba 100.3” WRUM in the battle between Orlando’s two Spanish language stations. 98.1 has the addition deficit of being a rimshot licensed to Titusville, FL with its tower right along the Altantic coast. Entravision also operates Univision affiliate WVEN-TV and Telefutura affiliate WOTF in the Orlando/Daytona Beach market.

Instant Insight: Entravision is likely to continue to target the 25 percent of the Orlando audience of Hispanic heritage, perhaps focusing on an older audience not currently served by Mega 98.1 or Rumba 100.3.

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  1. Elizabeth Otero says

    Not sure why this happened because La Maga was awesome in the morning, didn’t like the afternoon though. On the other hand, Rumba in the morning is a pain, they don’t blen together because Jenny is very dumb and John Musa is very rude, nasty, is always fighting with Jenny and with the public, and is very getto.Not sure why they say that la Mega was falling behind Rumba because all the people I know only listen to the Mega and not Rumba! Bad choice

    1. Lance Venta says

      The reason we state that Mega was falling behind Rumba is because it is fact. For the month of October, 100.3 was the 4th most listened to station in all of Orlando with 6.3% of the audience. 98.1 was 17th with a 2.5% share of the listeners and that’s after rising from even lower shares in August and September.

      1. Angel says

        The reason for falling behind was programming not personnel. Mega’s talk shows “La Buya” and “El Palo” were number ones in audience. Do you think you can do better without this shows, I really doubt it.

  2. Mark David says

    As of 3 PM EST, WNUE has become Jose FM 98.1. I have audio of the relaunch, and I’d be more than happy to share it with the Format Change Archive :).

  3. Ivette Marrero says

    A change of direction it’s understandable… but the air personnel was great & professional as well, so less quality will provide better results???

    1. Angel says

      If I was the owner I would fire the person who made this desicion. If it was me I would fire myself for making the wrong choice.

  4. Angel says

    I agree with Elizabeth, I think the numbers were incorrect. Rumba DJs are actually a drag. The only thing I liked about Rumba is the music and this could be changed without firing the air staff. That was a matter of programming. If you think you did better by having only music and nobody talking or at least saying something you made the wrong choice. So far I don’t like what’s in the air. What I believe is that eventually we will get stuck with Mexican programming like everything Univision does. I give you a couple of months to survive.

    1. Anabelle Gomez says

      I listened to the station today, didn’t like it, too many boleros and old music. I guess I have to go back to Rumba and listen to Mark Anthony every 15 minutes. I really miss todays 5 to 6 mix. Even the name Jose sounds silly.

  5. Robert says

    The reason why you see more number of listened for rumba is because of the antenna issues la mega have for months!!

  6. Ena says

    I agree with what’s been said. Rumba morning show hosts are not in synch with each other, there’s silence when there shouldn’t be and they talk when perhaps they should be quiet and sounding brash in the brink of insulting to your co-host and listeners it’s not my cup of tea. I agree with Ivette, if there needed to be a change in programming it could have been done without changing the on-air personality. As professionals in the field, I know for a fact that they would have adjusted it.

    I would like to see this so called ratings because not for a second will I believe that Rumba was far more listened than Mega. The only reason why I had to listen to Rumba was because their signal was stronger than Mega’s in some areas, but that doesn’t mean that their On-Air quality was better.

  7. Deni says

    I haven’t listened the new format yet… I was hoping they would program something similar to Amor Amor in Miami, with Spanish oldies (it would be awesome if it could be actually include all types of retro Spanish songs, including slow music, Spanish rock, salsa and merengue), but I guess I’ll have to wait for that (or listen to Amor Amor online). By the way, who thought of the name? Is the station keeping this name, or is it just for the relaunch? Did they hire professional marketers to do this relaunch? I doubt it. This is the dumbest product name I’ve ever heard of (oh, maybe except for “Gee, your hair smells terrific” which is great in comparison!)

  8. Gina says

    I agree with the coments about rumba. The hosts to that programs are the ones that should be fired. They do not know how to keep the audience entertained. John Musa is extremely rude and jenny is boring. The name of the show los anormales, fits them. I loved starting my mornings with la buya and sincerely i think i preffer to hear english programming rather than rumba. I will miss Super Martinez, Diana Raquel, Epi, Vero and Franchi. Bad decision. The new programming is really boring and if you think that you are gonna last very long, you are in for a very rude awakening. IF THIS NEW PROGRAMMING WAS YOUR IDEA, FIND ANOTHER JOB!!!!

  9. Ramon Martinez says

    I think they have made a really really bad desicion. The program change will effect have a BIG drop off with there listners. They will lose well over 75% of there listerners due to this change. they wiil be lucky if they attain a higher rating than 17th. I think the new pragramming will cater to a all Mexican audience in the near future just all univision stations have done.

  10. Ramon Martinez says

    I think in the near future they will try to make up for their mistake when they see their rating drop here in the orlando area. I have no choice but to make the switch to Rumba 100.3 in order to hear the music that my family and friends love.

  11. What kind of a name is Jose FM says

    RE: La Mega“¦this is less of a format change than a payroll dump. Call it Adult Tropical. Having tuned in to the first couple of hours, it makes sense that only Jessica Reyes survived the bloodbath. For Entravision’s sake, I’m glad they didn’t make the same mistake Clear Channel did when they tried their “Preciosa” format in Orlando. Mexican-based formats are ratings suicide in Central Florida.

  12. Ramon Martinez says

    I Agree with Robert if they had improve their signal strength a lot of listener would not listen to Rumba’s morning show. Their morning personalities are not professional and are quite rude with the public. I think the station should have improved their technical problem in stead of changing it’s programming. Thats the logical solution. They should have asked their listner’s how could they improve their service to the community instead of ripping of the programs their listner’s have grown to love. Terrible mistake.

  13. ELIZABETH says

    I listened to the new Mega on my way to work today, I have to admit I love what I am hearing, and it is about time someone noticed that they are talking too much about idiotic topics and playing the same songs over and over and over again. I am sorry that the DJ’s lost their jobs; I don“™t think anyone should be happy about that, but I love the new NO TALKING MORE SONGS FORMAT. I just arrived to work and I will be listening for to the station on my computer.

    1. Angel says

      Elizabeth, if you like a NO TALKING PROGRAMMING buy some CDs and play them for yourself. We are happy people that need happy programs. The idiotic topics that you mention have helped a lot of people with real problems. The professionals that they had in several segments helped people that were loosing their houses or had legal and health issues. You need to be more human.

  14. Albert says

    I strongly believe that the staff should have stayed on board. They are truly professionals. I also believe that the station needed to play more music and less talk. An adjustment could have been done. Maybe like everywhere else it was just right sizing the business since the economy is so bad. It is cheaper to program a computer to play music than to pay several people to entertain us. Bottom line is that it was handled poorly, playing “feliz Navidad” continuously was a slap in our faces, disrespectful and childish. I refuse to listen to Rumba 100.3 because their DJ’s are simply not good at what they do. I will listen to Pandora and satellite radio from now on.

  15. Maggie says

    I am sad to hear that the DJ’s were let go from La Mega. But this new format will not last very long. What the Radio Station Managers or whoever made the decision forgets is that the Latinos that listen to the radio station are bilingual and we like to listen to all types of music and we liked the English and Spanish. Why not bring in younger DJ’s and see what happens, if it was a case of ratings. but why get rid of them all and change the name to Jose? As a listener, I won’t listen to Jenny and Los anormales, I don’t think they are funny at all. They don’t respect each other. And they don’t let each other talk. So sadly now whenever I want hear my spanish music, I will have to pop a CD.

  16. Anulfo says

    I wonder now if we are going to see the ex staff of mega in unemployment line? We have to understand that the owners are “Mexicans”. As long as we don’t have a Boss that comes from the same backgrown that the mayority of listeners comes from we are going back to rancheras….

  17. David Miranda says

    I feel so SAD when i hear about the new changes they did to the format.
    The real problem that they have is the poor signal that the station have. They took the easy way decision get out of the proffesional staff instead of fixed the antenas. The audition problem that they have is because there so many places were you can listen the station you. Even in the Downtown Orlando you cant listened.

  18. ray says

    What is going on with this station? What is the point to turn to a radio station that only plays music? If I wanted to do that I would put a cd in or listen to my I-phone. Jose estas loco!!!!!!!!!! I miss you guys. I hope this people behind Jose will read what we are writing.

  19. Elizabeth says

    I have been listening to the new Mega, and I love the music they are playing, but i wonder if they could have left the DJ’s on, they were funny and made the mornings with their comments, the playing the same songs all the time we can do without, but if the DJ’s were never told by the public, that they were playing the same songs too much they would have changed it, they should have given them the opportunity to make the ratings better.

  20. Bonnie says

    From a business perspective I believe that the right decision was made, it is sad that we now have more unemployed people in Central Florida that happened to be DJ’s. But the numbers (rating) say it all. As a business owner I can understand the decision that was made, It will be really sad that in a couple of more years I loose my entire business and a lot more people will be unemployed, keep in mind that the DJ’s where not the only ones that make the radio station, there is a large number of people that work behind the scenes that make it happen. For all I know, I do hope that this change will be positive and pray that no other people looses their job.

  21. Janette says

    I have to admit I do like listening to the slow, love songs from back in the day as well as the modern ones!! Orlando needed to have that. I also would have to listen to Amor in Miami in order to listen to something other than Musica tropical. Don’t get me wrong…I love my salsa, but I appreciate the fact that now I can get a combination of different types of music. I also agree that jenny and Musa need to be removed Jenny is annoyinly prissy & Musa thinks he’s freaking God’s gift to earth and has no respect for people.

  22. Mauricio says

    I work remodeling and we listen to radio all day, over 90% of the time we have to listen to rumba because we can’t tune to Mega/Jose. they can try 1000 different formats with the same outcome, second place behind Rumba, the problem wasn’t the talent or the format, everywhere you can tune to Rumba but not to Mega/Jose. By the way the name Jose it’s the ugliest name i’ve ever seen for a radio station. Good luck loosers!

  23. waleska says

    I hate the new format it is so impersonal its random music played by a computer for that a just stack a bunch of CDs in my car or an iPod…this is how they save money! I’m not even stopping at that station even if its a song I like. People care about money and that’s where you have to hit them where it hurts!

  24. Lorraine says

    I love the new station, La buya and al palo was so rude and improper for some audience, I drive my kids to school every morning and afternoons and had to change station because the they was so rude. Now the music is really nice, is a good variety, they have salsa, pop, bachata etc. I really like it!

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