95.7 KJR-FM Seattle Shifts To Oldies

Oldies 95.7 KJR KJR-FM KJRFM Seattle 570 KVI 104.5 KMCQ Clear Channel

2010 will go down as the year of Oldies in Seattle. The year began with move-in 104.5 KMCQ launching the format in February. November brought 570 KVI dropping its longtime Conservative Talk format for “Seattle’s Greatest Hits”. Now Clear Channel joins the fray as 70s/80s Classic Hits 95.7 KJR-FM shifts its music to 60s/70s as “Oldies 95.7” at 10:00am today following a stay with Christmas music.

The first hour consisted of:
Kool & The Gang – Jungle Boogie
Aretha Franklin – Until You Come Back To Me
Mac Davis – One Hell Of A Woman
Elton John – Bennie And The Jets
Ray Stevens – The Streak
MFSB – The Sound Of Philadelphia
Grand Funk – The Loco-Motion
The Jackson 5 – Dancing Machine
Redbone – Come And Get Your Love
The Love Unlimited Orchestra – Love’s Theme
Terry Jacks – Seasons In The Sun
Stevie Wonder – You Haven’t Done Nothin’
Barbra Streisand – The Way We Were

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  1. Terry K. says

    Hmmm. I thought something was happening when you suddenly started all Christmas tunes. No back story about why you are no longer KJR-FM. I will miss the call letters, but! I am happy to hear Heidi Mae is still on the air. Good Luck. Terry K.

  2. Adam says

    Um, I think you guys made a mistake; KJR launched the oldies format at 11 AM.

    at 10 AM KJR was carrying the last hour of American Top 40 the 70’s, so the official launch was at 11 AM

  3. Christopher Strader says

    I think this is good news for oldies fans but it isn’t really truly oldies without the early rock n roll from the late 50’s like the old 97.3 KBSG used to play. Although after listening to oldies 95.7 I really don not see much diffrent from the old kjr format yeah there a few songs I never heard on kjr but all in all it sounds almost like they used to before they made that stupid switch to all christmas music. IMO they switched to all christmas music way to soon.

    1. Cynthia says

      As i suggested to Gwen,check out Am 880 KIXI they play like an hour of mixed 50’s tunes for an hour Monday-Friday at 5PM everyday.You’ll enjoy it.

  4. Mookie says

    Definitely like the switch especially as it’s a clear choice to replace KBSG.

    KJR’s old format was fine but oh man to me their song selection was very limited (Mellencamp, Joel, Boston, Beatles, etc.) but adding Motown and other 60s hits makes it more varied.

  5. Gwen says

    I agree with Christopher about needing to include the late 50s for a solid oldies station. I miss the old 97.3 mix.

  6. Dave says

    Sorry, but nobody wants the music they enjoy listening to referred to as “Oldies.” This is a HUGE marketing blunder. How about “Classics” or “Greatest Hits” or “Your Favorites?” Oldies sounds to me like music from the 1940’s … Lawrence Welk stuff …

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