News/Talk Moves To FM In Buffalo

930 WBEN Buffalo 107.7 WLKK The Lake Tom Bauerle Sandy Beach John Zach Susan Rose

Entercom News/Talk 930 WBEN Buffalo, NY will add an FM simulcast tonight at midnight when it will be joined by what is now Classic Rock “107.7 The Lake” WLKK Wethersfield Township.

The addition of the FM simulcast of WBEN will significantly improve the reach of the station as the leading radio source for news, information and talk on the radio in Buffalo. While Buffalo is a strong AM market and WBEN is a ratings leader, the addition of the FM simulcast will make the WBEN brand more readily available to a vast majority of the listening public who spend time on the FM band.

The existing WBEN lineup will remain intact. The Lake format will continue on 107.7 HD-2 and No word on new calls for 107.7 as Entercom granted the use of WBEN-FM to Greater Media’s “95.7 Ben-FM” in Philadelphia.

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  1. Erin says

    I really enjoyed The Lake and am going to miss the Classic Rock station. There is no way I am going to log on to the internet to hear the station. The Lake was the best station on the radio; it is too bad that it is gone.

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