Rover Out At WKRK Cleveland

Update 2/19/08: Ohio Media Watch reports that Clear Channel’s 100.7 WMMS has been notifying clients that Rover will debut on that station on April 1 following the expiration of his contract with CBS.

Original Report 2/18/08: The syndicated “Rover’s Morning Glory”, one of the primary replacements for Howard Stern when he left CBS for Sirius, has been dropped by flagship station WKRK “92.3 K-Rock” Cleveland after being unable to come to terms on a new contract. Opie & Anthony will move from tape-delayed afternoon drive to the live morning slot.

On Rover’s site he has posted a semi-cryptic haiku about the situation:

“Told the Eye we’re gone,
They’re bitter we found new friends,
Scared, they yanked us off.”

No word yet on how this effects Enterom’s 94.1 WZNE Rochester and 92.9 WMFS Memphis, which also airs the show.

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