SiriusXM Drops BBC Radio 1

BBC Radio One 1 BBC1 Sirius XM SiriusXM 15 29 11 Studio 54 Disco Strobe Chris Moyles Scott Mills Vernon Kay Fearne Cotton

Update 8/16: SiriusXM will restore the time shifted feed of BBC Radio 1 to its online content on Friday, August 19. It will only appear on the satellites during special events. Additionally, content from the BBC archives will air on other SiriusXM channels.

Original Report 8/9: SiriusXM has dropped BBC Radio 1 from its programming lineup. Its spot on Channel 15 will be replaced by Classic Dance “Studio 54 Radio” on August 15.

Sirius has carried BBC Radio 1 since its launch on a time delay synced so that programming airing at 12pm London time would air at the same time in the eastern time zone. You can still listen to the programming live at

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  1. Jason says

    You can’t still listen to it, because it is only available online if you are accessing it from the UK.

    1. Lance Venta says

      I’m listening to it right now in New Jersey via the player on the website linked.

    2. HB says

      I’ve listened through their website numerous times from my home in Arizona. Still wish it had remained in the SiriusXM line-up.

  2. Jason says

    You can’t on a mobile device, which is the only thing I can use in my car.

    1. Lance Venta says

      Sure you can. The TuneIn app for IOS, Android, etc. has BBC One and all the other BBC services accessible.

      1. Sakura says

        Yeah, but its not on a time delay like it was on Sirius, which means I won’t be getting to listen to Moyles on my drive to work.

        Or Scott Mills on my drive home…

  3. Nerd says

    Downloaded everything….copied onto my BB this morning and timeshifted manually – played through BT streaming in the car….bye bye Sirius – u saved mr $160 a year 🙂

  4. Matt Haze says

    1. Yes you can listen on a mobile device via the TuneIn app or go directly to the R1 website in a web browser and you can listen through there.

    2. The outpouring of complaints about it blows me away. Over 2k people on a Facebook page. Hundreds of complaints directly on the Sirius FB page. And they all say the same. It’s not about the music. It was about the personalities and the shows. How awesome is that.

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