Cumulus Dropping Coast To Coast AM In Multiple Markets

Coast To Coast George Noory Art Bell Cumulus WLS WMAL WPRO KCMO WNBF KKOB WAAV KLIF KSFO Chicago Washington Dallas Kansas City

Update 5/26: Coast To Coast has been dropped by Cumulus’ 560 KSFO San Francisco. Red Eye Radio slides from sister 810 KGO, which picks up Bloomberg Business News for overnights. Coast To Coast will likely reappear on Clear Channel’s 910 KKSF.

Update 4/10: Add KLIF Dallas to the stations dropping Coast To Coast. With the station’s recent shift to News based programming, the station has dropped Coast To Coast and Glenn Beck.

Update 2/28: Coast To Coast has been picked up by 980/98.1 KMBZ in Kansas City following its drop by KCMO.

Original Report 2/23: Cumulus Media has dropped Coast To Coast AM with George Noory from multiple markets and replaced it with its own Red Eye Radio.

Among the stations that have dropped the program are 770 KKOB & 1050 KTBL Albuquerque, 1290 WNBF Binghamton, 890 WLS Chicago, 710 KCMO Kansas City, 630 WPRO/99.7 WEAN Providence, 980 WAAV Wilmington NC, and 630/105.9 WMAL Washington DC. In two of the markets, the program has already found a new home as it is picked up by Clear Channel’s 920 WHJJ Providence and Sea-Comm’s “Big Talker” 93.7 WNTB/106.3 WLTT Wilmington NC.

For now Coast To Coast remains on a few Cumulus stations including 560 KSFO San Francisco and 570 KLIF Dallas, although the latter is no longer listed on the show’s affiliate page.

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  1. MattParker says

    Hmmm. They’ve signed Huckabee for syndication in Rush’s time slot. Now they are dropping Noory in favor of their own Red Eye Radio. Sounds like Cumulus is backing away from Clear Channel/Premiere to go with their own programs and maybe go head to head with Clear Channel in the syndication game. Currently they’ve got Batchelor and Levin in the evening and Imus in the morning. Will they launch new syndicated shows to go against Beck and Hannity (and whom will they tap for those slots)?

  2. Russ says

    Also dropped from 740 KVOR Colorado Springs

  3. Chuck says

    Its off KLIF as of tonight. I hopped into bed fully expecting to fall asleep to the crazies, and I hear some political show.

    Damn. I’ve been listening to that show since dinosaurs roamed the earth, and now, nothing for us Dallas listeners!

    I’ve always thought a station that ran Coast to Coast live at night, then older reruns for the rest of the day would probably pull a decent market share. Maybe its time to find out.

  4. Charlie says

    Well now KLIF in Dallas has dropped George Noory too – What a krock. They are fast turning into a KRLD clone (news only during drive-time). I’d rather listen to WBAP, at least they have the very fully Hal Jay doing their news.

    The show that replaced George Noory is a medocre political talk show – I can’t listen to that thing for 30 minutes, much less 4 hours..

    KRLD also dropped another favorite of mine, Glenn Beck at 10am, who I really enjoyed (Beck can be hilarious as well as serious), plus the local political talk show guy in early mornings, Jeff Bolton. He had a pretty large following.

    Their production department must be crazy – They cannot out-KRLD in news, nor out-WBAP in news and humor.

  5. Randy says

    You can take Cumulus out of Toledo but you can’t take the Toledo out of Cumulus it seems….more stupid decisions by this inept ownership group. We all know how Clear Channel has done their part to destroy the radio landscape–but compared to the idiots at Cumulus—they are mere amateurs. The Cumulo-Toledo dufuss’s have destroyed countless stations to date including the legendary KGO-AM. Coast2Coast AM, although full of it’s own issues and ineptitude (including a bad new host and lazy, “same ol same ol” guests on George Noory’s shows)…is nonthe less a great franchise. It’s easily the ratings leader by a large margin late-night.
    On the other hand late night radio appears to be thought of by Cumulus as an expendable casualty. Low on revenue and relevance–you can’t argue with that but c’mon Cumulus—radio is on its last legs as a relevant medium (no young demos listen to radio–we have the IPod to thank for that. Steve Jobs single handidly ruined the music business and record industry–CD’s, record stores and radio are dead thanks to him. Now Cumulus has stepped in with their own style of incompetence and is talking away the last remaining scraps of listenable fair–Coast2Coast was one of those.
    Last one to leave the radio landscape, turn out the lights.

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